Season 5

“Shift Into Turbo, Part 3″
Info: Wanted to eat the Rangers with a giant knife and fork!
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

Shadow Chromite
“Shadow Rangers”
Info: Created Shadow Rangers
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

“Transmission Impossible”
Info: Laser Blast from his left eye
Defeat:  Blown up by detonator

Demon Racer 1 & 2
“Built for Speed”
Info: Challenged Adam to a Race
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

 Big Burpa
“Bicycle Built for the Blues”
Info: Cast a Spell on Justin’s Birthday Present: a Bike.
Defeat: Turbo Megazord Spinout

“The Whole Lie”
Info: Made people lie for which an Piranhatron would appear.
Defeat: Turbo R.A.M. & Turbo Megazord

“Glyph Hanger”
Info: Former Fiance of Divatox; Turned writing into hieroglyphs
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

“Weight and See”
Info: Subtracted weight from Katherine to make her float!
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

“Alamared and Dangerous”
Info: After a detonator went of on a Fire Truck
Defeat: Auto Lasers

Terror Tooth
“The Millennium Message”
Info: Sent to eat the Rangers and Blue Senturion
Defeat: Robo Racer

“A Drive to Win”
Info: Rides his own motorcycle.
Defeat:  Turbo Megazord & Robo Racer

Wolfgang Amadeus Griller 
“Car Attacks”
Info: Used Music to control cars
Defeat: Combo Laser with Red Ranger and Blue Senturion

“Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part 1, and Part 2″
Info: Flew inside Blue Senturion and then shrunk him!
Defeat: Robo Racer in Synergizer Blaster Mode

“Passing the Torch, Part 1″
Info: Blasts Flamethrowers from his mouth
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

Delisha Ennivel 
“Stitch Witchery”
Info: Fashion Monster who created jackets causing anger when worn by humans
Defeat: Robo Racer & Turbo Megazord

“The Wheel of Fate”
Info: Sent in search of Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster
Defeat:  Lightning Cruiser

Mad Mike
“Trouble by the Slice”
Info: Cooked the Rangers into a giant Pizza
Defeat: Robo Racer and Turbo Megazord

“Vanishing Act”
Info: Sends people into alternate dimension of invisibility
Defeat: Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer

“When Time Freezes Over”
Info: Manipulates Time
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

 Metal Mangler
“Clash of the Megazords”
Info: Sent to destroy the Rangers’ Super Magnet
Defeat:  Was Metal and Destroyed by Magnetic Force

“Clash of the Megazords”
Info: Fought the Rangers in the Turbo Megazord
Defeat: Rescue Megazord

“The Robot Rangers”
Info: Traps victims in his roll of film
Defeat: Rescue Megazord

“The Robot Rangers”
Info: Huge Electrical Whip
Defeat: Rescue Megazord

Wicked Wisher
“Beware the Third Wish”
Info: Created three wishing coins
Defeat: Rescue Megazord

Wild Weeder
“The Gardener of Evil”
Info: Created Seeds of Evil to enslave people
Defeated: Rescue Megazord

 Torch Tiger
“Fire in Your Tank”
Info: Could breathe fire with the Rangers’ Booster Fuel
Defeat: Rescue Megazord

Maniac Mechanic
“The Turn of the Wrenched Wrench” & “Countdown to Destruction”

Info: Used the Wretched Wrench to knock out the wheels of Storm Blaster while Justin, Ashley and Carlos were in it
Defeat: Rescue Megazord

 Lord Litter
“Spirit of the Woods”
Info: Blew a fierce wind
Defeat: Rescue Megazord with Artillery Power

Crash and the Creeps
“The Song of Confusion”
Info: Musical, Ranger-like
Defeat: Turbo R.A.M. & Rescue Megazord

Mr. Goorific
“Cassie’s Best Friend”
Info: Turns people into animals with his tub of goo
Defeat:  Rescue Megazord

“The Curve Ball”
Info: A curveball no one could hit
Defeat: Turbo Megazord

Count Nocturne
“Carlos and the Count”
Info: Turns Carlos into a vampire
Defeat: Rescue Megazord