Name: Tommy Oliver to TJ Jarvis Johnson
Ranger: Turbo Red
Actor: Jason David Frank to Selwyn Ward
Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Lightning Sword
Zords: Red Lightning, Lightning Fire Tamer, Lightning Cruiser
Accessories: Turbo Morpher, Red Turbo Cart

Name: Adam Park to Carlos Vallerte
Ranger: Turbo Green
Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch to Roger Velasco

Weapons:Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Thunder Cannon
Zords: Desert Thunder, Thunder Loader
Accessories: Turbo Morpher, Green Turbo Cart

Name: Justin Stewart
Ranger: Turbo Blue

Actor: Blake Foster
Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Hand Blasters
Zords: Mountain Blaster, Siren Blaster, Storm Blaster
Accessories: Turbo Morpher, Blue Turbo Cart

Name: Tanya Sloan to Ashley Hammond
Ranger: Turbo Yellow
Actor: Nakia Burrise to Traci Lynn Cruz

Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Star Charges
Zords: Dune Star, Star Racer
Accessories: Turbo Morpher, Turbo Navigator, Yellow Turbo Cart

Name: Katherine Hillard to Cassie Chan
Ranger: Turbo Pink
Actor: Catherine Sutherland to Patricia Ja Lee

Weapons: Turbo Blaster, Turbo Sword, Wind Fire
Zords: Wind Chaser, Wind Rescue
Accessories: Turbo Morpher, Pink Turbo Cart

Blue Senturion

The Blue Senturion is a robotic intergalactic police officer. When he first arrived to Earth, with the Millenium Message, Divatox kidnapped him and turned him evil, after she found out what actually was the Millenium Message. Blue Senturion attacked the Power Rangers, but the rangers made it to turn him good again. He proved as excellent ally to them, since he helped them on many occasions. Regarding the greatness of his power, it seemed that Blue Senturion was extremely powerful, since Divatox many times tried to turn him evil.

The Phantom Ranger
The Phantom Ranger is a mysterious Ranger, whose powers derived from Eltar, that helped the Rangers battle Divatox.Though he didn’t work with the rangers officially, The Phantom Ranger was considered the sixth ranger. The phantom had the ability to become invisible. However, he was able to be seen in an invisi-warped form. He was powered by his Power Ruby on his chest, which gave him his powers and energized his life sustaining systems in his suit. The Phantom is also able to exist outside of temporal control. Phantom piloted Artillatron, a carrierzord.