Blue Senturion

Blue Senturion

Name: Blue Senturion
Actor: David Walsh
Episodes: 17
First Appearance: “The Millennium Message″
Last Appearance: “Countdown To Destruction: Part 2 ”
Sentai: Gekisou Sentai Carranger
Producer: Saban

Character Bio

The Blue Senturion is an Intergalactic Police Officer sent to Earth to deliver a message to Dimitria about a universal attack from The United Alliance Of Evil. After his ship is destroyed after crashing on Earth, he decides to aide the Turbo Rangers in their fight against Divatox.


Robo Racer Robo Racer Battle Mode

Robo Racer
Robo Racer is the personal Zord of the Blue Senturion. Modeled after a police car, Robo Racer has the ability to transform into a robotic humanoid form.


Senturion Synergizer Synergizer Sword Mode

Senturion Synergizer
The Senturion Synergizer is the personal weapon of the Blue Senturion. The Senturion Synergizer has the ability to turn into a sword.