Phantom Ranger

Phantom Ranger

Name: Phantom Ranger
Actor: Ali Afshar
Episodes: 9
First Appearance: “The Phantom Phenomenon″
Last Appearance: “Countdown to Destruction:Part 2 ”
Sentai: Gekisou Sentai Carranger
Producer: Saban

Character Bio

Phantom Ranger’s past is clouded in mystery. When he first comes to Earth, he is seen sporadically helping the other Power Rangers out while he is invisible. Cassie, the Pink Ranger is shown to have a fixation for him. When Divatox’s brother General Havoc steals the Power Rangers Turbo Megazord, he give the Power Rangers the Rescuezords. After the destruction of the Metallosaurus, Phantom Ranger is kidnapped by General Havoc to steal the source of his power, his Power Ruby. Divatox uses his Power Ruby to power a battery pack so that her forces would be able to use the Turbo Megazord. He eventually regains his Power Ruby and leaves the Earth. He is seen later In Space searching for Zordon and ends up giving Andros the Delta Megaship. He is seen again defending his home planet from the United Alliance of Evil.


Artillatron Artillatron High Stance

Artillatron is the personal zord of the Phantom Ranger. Artillatron pulls trailers that the Rescuezords are stored in.


Power Ruby

Power Ruby
The Power Ruby is the source of the Phantom Ranger’s power.