Cassie Chan, Pink Turbo Ranger II

Turbo Pink

Name: Cassie Chan
Ranger: Pink Turbo Ranger
Actor: Patricia Ja Lee
Episodes: 74
First Appearance: “Passing The Torch: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Gekisou Sentai Carranger
Producer: Saban

Cassie Chan PRT

Character Bio

Cassie is chosen by Kat to take her place as the Pink Turbo Ranger after she saves Tommy from being thrown into the Vortex Of Eternal Doom & Sorrow. Cassie is a skilled musician and is seen performing and practicing at the Youth Center regularly. When the Phantom Ranger mysteriously arrives on Earth, she develop a small crush on him.


Wind Chaser Turbozord

Wind Chaser Turbozord
The Wind Chaser Turbozord is a white sportscar-like zord that is piloted by the Pink Turbo Ranger.


Wind Rescue Rescuezord Wind Rescue High Stance

Wind Rescue Rescuezord
The Wind Rescue Rescuezord is an ambulance-like zord that is given to the Pink Turbo Ranger by the Phantom Ranger after the Turbo Megazord is commandeered by General Havoc. The Wind Rescue Rescuezord has the ability to transform into a humanoid form that resembles a nurse.



Turbo Wind Fire

Turbo Wind Fire
The Turbo Wind Fire is the personal weapon of the Pink Turbo Ranger. It can fire bolts of pink energy and becomes the top holder of the Turbo Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer (R.A.M.).

Auto Blaster
The Auto Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Turbo Ranger.


Turbo Blade
The Turbo Blade is a sword that each Turbo Ranger can use in battle.


Pink Turbo Cart

Pink Turbo Cart
The Pink Turbo Cart is used by the Pink Turbo Ranger when she needs to travel long distances.