Season 5 (1997)

Space Pirates

Played By: Carol Hoyt & Hilary Shepard
After her plan of marrying the being Maligore failed, Divatox sets her sights on the planet Earth as her next conquest as revenge against the Turbo Rangers. Early in the series, her plans of attack was to set off detonators in certain areas. However, this plan of attack was eventually dropped. After learning the location of the Power Chamber, Divatox prepares a full scale attack and succeeds in destroying the chamber once and for all. Before she is able to take over the planet, she is summoned by Dark Specter to attend a conference on the Cimmerian Planet with the rest of the United Alliance Of Evil.

Voiced By: Lex Lang
Ryogog serves as Divatox’s second-in-command as well as her field commander.


Voiced By: Scott Page-Pagter
Porto serves as technical adviser of Divatox’s forces.

Voiced By: Derek Stephen Prince
Nephew of Divatox, Elgar tries to help his aunt in any way he could which usually ends up doing more bad than good.

Mama D

Mama D
Played By: Carol White
Mother Of Divatox, Mama D comes to her daughters aide by telling her to separate Tommy from the rest of the team. After this plan fails, she leaves Earth, never to be seen or mentioned again.


General Havoc
Voiced By: Tom Wyner & Richard Cansino
Brother Of Divatox, General Havoc arrives on Earth to deliver the Space Base Divatox ordered 100 years ago. He also aides Divatox for a short time by attacking Angel Grove with his Metallosaurus. After a while, General Havoc decides to leave the Space Base to construct a better Metallosaurus.


Voiced By: Tom Wyner
Goldgoyle is a powerful monster sent by Divatox to destroy the Turbo Rangers once and for all. He succeeded in destoying both the Turbo and Rescue Megazords. Only when TJ sent the Turbo R.A.M into Goldgoyle’s mouth on self-destruct were the Turbo Rangers able to destroy him.


The Piranhatrons serve as footsoldiers in Divatox’s Army.


The Chromites are shown to be General Havoc’s personal army as well as the ones responsible for keeping the Space Base working.


Putra Pods
These creatures are sent to Earth by Divatox in pods whenever she needs some extra muscle.