Season 5 (1997)

Played by: Hilary Shepard Turner, Carol Hoyt
After her plans to free Maligore were thwarted by the Turbo Rangers, Divatox the evil space pirate came to Earth ready to take vengeance on the Rangers who continue to thwart her plans.
Divatox is also revealed to be the twin sister of the Rangers’ latter mentor, Dimitria.

 Played by: Kenny Graceson, Voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince
Divatox brings along her oaf of an Nephew along with her aboard her submarine. He constantly messes up her plans and is a constant annoyance to the Diva.

Played by: Ed Neil, Voiced by: Lex Lang
Rygog is Divatox’s second in command and is the ship’s navigator. He also shoots powerful laser beams from the submarine’s head.

Played by: Scott Page-Pagter
Porto is the scientific brains aboard the submarine and Divatox’s technical adviser.

Divatox’s fishy foot-soldiers. They wield mallets and ride around on motorcycles.
They become responsible for the destruction of the Power Chamber.

General Havoc
Played by: Tom Wyner, Richard Cansino  
General Havoc is the brother of Divatox and when he arrived on Earth he brought with him the Metallosaurus.
He also turned the Turbo Megazord against the Rangers.

Mama D
Mother of Divatox who would sometimes appear to her daughter and either berate her or give her advice on how to destroy the Rangers.

Coming in many colors, these were elite foot-soldiers brought to Earth by General Havoc.
A specially modified Chromite was used to create the Shadow Rangers.

Turbo: The Movie Exclusives
Played by: Mike Deak
The Turbo Ranger’s first foe, who was freed by his fiance Divatox on the Planet Muranthias.
He was the first victim of the Turbo Megazord

Putra Pods
Monsters hatched from pods planted aboard the Rangers’ ship by Divatox.