Season 6

Played by: Robert L. Manahan
Once the wise mentor of the Power Rangers, Zordon is now held captive by Dark Specter. His powers were being drained by Dark Specter before he was destroyed and sent to the Dark Fortress. In order to save the universe from all the evil forces, Zordon commanded Andros to destroy his energy tube sending out his wave of goodness to end the war.

Alpha 6
Played by: Katrina Luciani, Wendee Lee, Campbell Cooley 
After the explosion at the Power Chamber and a damaged voice chip, Alpha joined the Rangers in their blast into space.
When his voice chip was repaired he no longer had attitude,  but remained as a mentor to the Space Rangers aboard the Astro Megaship.

 Voiced by Julie Maddalena
D.E.C.A. is the onboard computer aboard the Astro Megaship with multiple cameras placed throughout the ship, D.E.C.A. also makes sure that all operations run smoothly. She is capable of speaking 3000 languages and is the creator of the Quadro Blaster.

Eugene “Skull” Skullovtich & Farkus “Bulk” Bulkmeier 
Voiced by:  Jason Narvy & Paul Schrier
Bulk and Skull now follow Professor Phenomenus in their search for Alien life on Earth. 

Professor Phenomenus 
Played by: Jack Banning 
Along with Bulk and Skull he led them on a search for Aliens on Earth.

Adele Ferguson
Played by: Aloma Wright 
The new manager of the Rangers’ hang out, the Surf Spot. Sometimes, her tough love helps teach her customers valuable lessons.

1509209_758577607499261_439179310_nAshley’s Grandmother
Played by: Uncredited
Ashley’s Grandmother shows up in town attempting to marry her off before she leaves.
At first overbearing, her Grandmother proved to help her Ranger granddaughter any way she could.

1546330_758566904166998_1045362231_nSilvy Larson
Played by: Juliet Naulin
Silvy once blackmailed Carlos into spending time with her when the photo booth caught him morphing.
Silvy also helped Andros morph into his Battlizer Mode when she pressed the number “3″ option on the Battlizer Gauntlet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rafael & Venus are all turned evil when Astronema summons them from the sewers. They are at first welcomed aboard the Astro Megaship when each team believed the other to be fictional. They attacked the Rangers but were soon turned good once again and joined forces with the Rangers.

Played by: Melody Perkins
Astronema is found out to be the kidnapped sister of Andros, Karone from KO-35. She was kidnapped by Darkonda and raised by Ecliptor to be evil. She was turned good and made an honorary Power Ranger, but was soon brainwashed and became evil once more. She had a brief fling with Zhane.

Adam Park
Played by: Johnny Yong Bosch
Adam returned briefly to mentor Carlos, but when a monster attacked Carlos before the other  Rangers could arrive, Adam risked his life and used his old Morpher and destroyed power coin to Morph into the Black Ranger.

Justin Stewart
Played by: Blake Foster
When the Space Rangers were captured, Storm Blaster came back to Justin who used his Turbo Morpher and freed his fellow Rangers.

Trey of Triforia
Fought with Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger & Aquitian Rangers against the United Alliance of Evil

 Phantom Ranger & Blue Senturion
Fought with Trey of Triforia and the Aquitian Rangers against the United Alliance of Evil

 Aquitar Rangers
Fought with Trey of Triforia, the Phantom Ranger & the Blue Senturion against the United Alliance of Evil