VI. Allies


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Voiced By: Bob Manahan
Zordon was captured by The United Alliance Of Evil after they conquered Eltar. Zordon spends most of the series being transported from one planet to the next to prevent the Space Rangers from finding him. During The United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe, Andros destroys his energy tube at his request so that his energy wave would destroy The United Alliance Of Evil.

Alpha 6 PRIS

Alpha 6
Voiced By: Wendee Lee
Alpha 6 is the robotic aide of the Space Rangers. He is also the one responsible for persuading Andros to work with the other Power Rangers to search for Zordon.


(Digital Electronic Computer Assistant)
Voiced ByJulie Maddalena
DECA is the sentient supercomputer of the Astro Megaship.

General Norquist

General Norquist
Played By: John McGee
General Norquist runs the space program NASADA and aided the Power Rangers by giving them the Astro Megashuttle.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Astronema brainwashed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to destroy the Space Rangers. They are eventually freed from their spell and aided the Space Rangers in defeating an army of Quantrons.

Phantom Ranger

Phantom Ranger
Voiced By: Ali Afshar
Phantom Ranger spends a majority of the series tracking down Zordon and during one altercation crosses path with the Space Rangers and gives Andros the Delta Megaship. During the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe, he alongside the Blue Senturion defend Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet.

Justin Stewart Blue Turbo Ranger

Justin Stewart
Played By: Blake Foster
Justin aided the Space Rangers in defeating one of Astronema’s monsters as well as rescuing Lightning Cruiser.

Kinwon & Tykwa

Kinwon & Tykwa
Played By: Jack Donner & Lynda Boyd
Kinwon & Tykwa lead the rebels of KO-35 and aid the Space Rangers in defeating The United Alliance Of Evil.

  Mighty Morphin Black

Adam Park
Played By: Johnny Yong Bosch
Adam aided Carlos when he had doubts about being a Power Ranger.


Played By: Melody Perkins
Karone is the long lost sister of Andros who was captured by Darkonda as a child and raised to become the Princess Of Evil Astronema. She eventually learns of this and defects to the side of good but is brainwashed to be evil during a mission to prevent an asteroid from hitting the Earth. She is purified by Zordon’s Energy Wave.

Seymour Child Seymour Adult

Voiced By: R. Martin Klein
Seymour is a young alien that Andros befriended during a routine search for Zordon.

Gold Ranger

Trey Of Triforia
Voiced By: Brad Hawkins
Trey defended the Vica Galaxy during The United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Aquitian Rangers

Aquitian Rangers
Voiced By: David Bacon, Jim Gray, Karim Prince, Alan Palmer & Rajia Baroudi
The Aquitian Rangers defended Gratha during The United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Blue Senturion

Blue Senturion
Voiced By: David Walsh
Blue Senturion defended Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet during The United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Angel Grove Residents

Bulk & Skull In Space

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
After spotting the Dark Fortress in a telescope, Bulk & Skull decide to prove the existence of aliens and team up with Professor Phenomenus to accomplish this task.

Professor Phenomenus

Professor Phenomenus
Played By: Jack Banning
Professor Phenomenus is a scientist who desires to prove the existence of alien life. He is also shown to have the ability to create dangerous inventions that Astronema used to try to destroy the Space Rangers.

Adelle Ferguson

Adelle Ferguson
Played By: Aloma Wright
Adelle runs and owns the local restaurant the Space Rangers regularly frequent named The Surf Spot.

Ashley's Grandma

Ashley’s Grandmother
Ashley’s Grandmother came to visit her granddaughter in hopes of finding her a husband.

Silvy Larson

Silvy Larson
Played By: Juliet Naulin
Silvy is a young girl that Carlos befriended after she learned his identity.