Astro Morpher
Each  Ranger is equipped with an Astro Morpher and when the code: 3-3-5 is entered and a call out of “Let’s Rocket!” they morph into their Ranger form.


Astro Morpher Codes:
: the input code to summon the Ranger’s Galaxy Glider.
7-6-1: input code ordering Megaship to deploy the Mega Tank.
1-0-8: input code to link up with D.E.C.A.
5-4-1: the input code to summon the Astro Megazord.

The Astro Blaster
Each Ranger is equipped with a Blaster, when it is attached to the Space Weapons it creates Booster Mode.

The Digi Morpher
When the code 2580 is entered it enables Zhane to morph into the Silver Space Ranger

The Spiral Saber
The spire drill type weapon wielded by the Red Space Ranger, Andros

The Lunar Lance
The space weapon wielded by the Black Space Ranger, Carlos

The Astro Axe
The space weapon wielded by the Blue Space Ranger, TJ

The Star Slinger
The slingshot like weapon wielded by the Yellow Space Ranger, Ashley

The Sattelite Stunner
The space weapon wielded by the Pink Space Ranger, Cassie

The Spiral Saber in Booster Mode
Andros combines his Spiral Saber with his Astro Blaster to create a new weapon.

Quadro Blaster
A blaster created when the four space weapons are combined into one!

The Super Silverizer
The Silver Ranger’s space weapon with a blaster and sword mode.

The Battleizer Gauntlet
A morpher like object owned by the Red Space Ranger
It has three powers: Energy Punch, Laser & Battleizer Armor


The Red Space Ranger in Battleizer Mode

The Galaxy Gliders
These Gliders are jet-board type vehicles owned by each Ranger.
They are able to fly through space at great speeds.

The Silver Cycle
The Ranger cycle piloted by Zhane, the Silver Ranger


The Silver Cycle in Galaxy Glider Mode

Galactic Rover
Zhane, the Silver Ranger’s high speed Dune Buggy

The Mega Tank
A mobile unit used for space travel; built by Andros for rough terrain navigation