VI. Locations


In Space Logo

Astro Megaship

Astro Megaship PRIS Astro Megaship Bridge

Astro Megaship
Built by the rebels of KO-35, the Astro Megaship was used by the Space Rangers to travel the universe to search for Zordon and also to be used as the Space Rangers primary megazord known as the Astro Megazord.

Synthetron Dining Area

Dining Area
The Astro Megaship has its own dining area complete with a Synthetron, a device that can create any type of food.

Sleeping Quarters Desk

Sleeping Quarters
Each Space Ranger has their own Sleeping Quarters on the Astro Megaship.

Simudeck Deactivated Simudeck Activated

The Simudeck is used by the Space Rangers to train.

Angel Grove

The Surf Spot Surf Spot Interior

Surf Spot
The Surf Spot is a restaurant that the Space Rangers regularly frequent.


NASADA is a space program located in Angel Grove.

Secret City Secret City Interior

Secret City
This city is used by Astronema to house Earthling’s that she intended to turn into data cards.


KO-35 KO-35 Ground

KO-35 is the home planet to Andros, Zhane & Karone.

Cimmerian Planet Cimmerian Planet Interior

Cimmerian Planet
The Cimmerian Planet held the United Alliance Of Evil Conference that brought together all the major baddies in the Power Rangers Universe.

Kalderon Kalderon Ground

Kalderon is a planet the Space Rangers traveled to to retrieve disks from a crashed NASADA Satellite.

Hercuron Hercuron Interior

Hercuron was one of the planets used to hold Zordon while the United Alliance Of Evil had him captured.

Brokaya Brokaya Ground

Brokaya is a planet used by the Space Rangers to track Zordon via satellite.

Onyx PRIS Onyx PRIS Ground

The planet Onyx is the home to many evil aliens throughout the galaxy.

Onyx Tavern Onyx Tavern Interior

Onyx Tavern
 The Onyx Tavern is a saloon on the planet Onyx that various aliens throughout the universe are shown to regularly frequent.

Mega Vehicle Holding Bay Mega Vehicle Holding Bay Interior

Mega Vehicle Holding Bay
Located on one of Jupiter’s Moons, this holding bay houses all the Mega Vehicles.

Orange Planet Orange Planet Ground

Orange Planet
This unnamed Orange Planet is used by Divatox’s Army to transport cargo hauled by a captured Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster.

Kadix Kadix Ground

Kadix is a planet the Space Rangers traveled to and were attacked by Cloaked Scavengers.

Karovian Rebel Planet Karovian Rebel Planet Ground

Centaur B
This planet was used by the rebels of KO-35 during their war against the United Alliance Of Evil.

Yotoba Yotoba Interior

Yotoba was a location that Dark Specter used to trick the Space Rangers into thinking Zordon was being held there.

M-94 Galaxy M-94 Galaxy Ground

M-94 Galaxy
A planet in the M-94 Galaxy is used by the Psycho Rangers to store the captured Mega Voyager.

Seymour Home Planet Seymour Home Planet Ground

This planet is the home planet of Seymour & Jakarak’s alien species.

Forza Forza Ground

The planet Forza is used by Darkonda to lure the Space Rangers off the Megaship while Ecliptor boards it.

Vica Galaxy Closeup Vica Galaxy

Vica Galaxy
Rita & Zedd are given the task of attacking the Vica Galaxy during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Phantom Rangers Home Planet Closeup Phantom Rangers Home Planet

Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet
The Machine Empire is given the task of attacking the Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Gratha Closeup Gratha

Divatox is given the task of attacking Gratha during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe.

Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress Dark Fortress Interior

Dark Fortress
Astronema was given the Dark Fortress by Dark Specter to use as her headquarters during her battle with the Space Rangers.

Astronema's Desk Astronema's Strategy Chambers

Astronema’s Strategy Room
Astronema uses this room to come up with plans to defeat the Space Rangers.

Astronema's Makeup Stand Astronema's Bedroom

Astronema’s Bedroom
Astronema uses this room on the Dark Fortress to sleep.