Season 6

“Shell Shocked”
Info: Sent to drain power from the power plant
Defeat: Bounced back energy charge kicked by Venus de Milo a Ninja Turtle.

“Satellite Search” and “The Great Evilyzer”
Info: Able to chain up the Rangers to eat them!
Defeat:  Astro Megazord

Voltage Hog
“A Ranger Among Thieves”
Info: Hogged a Power Center’s voltage
Defeat: Astro Megazord

“When Push Comes to Shove”
Info: Headbutted and knocked out buildings
Defeat: Astro Megazord

“The Craterite Invasion”
Info: Monster made up of many many Craterites!

“The Wasp with A Heart”
Info: Befriended Cassie
Defeat: Not defeated.

Sting King
“The Wasp with A Heart” and “The Great Evilyzer”
Info: Hated Waspicable for not being evil
Defeat: Astro Megazord

Crocovile 1 & 2
“The Delta Discovery”
Info: Tried to trick the Rangers back to Earth, couldnt be defeated by Astro Megazord
Defeat: Delta Megazord

“The Great Evilyzer”
 Info: Sent to distract the Rangers
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

Power Driller
“The Great Evilyzer”
 Info: Sent to distract the Rangers
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

“The Great Evilyzer”
 Info: Sent to distract the Rangers
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

“The Great Evilyzer”
 Info: Sent to distract the Rangers
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

“The Great Evilyzer” “Grandma Matchmaker”
Info: Buried millions of her eggs beneath Angel Grove
Defeat: Quadroblaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode

“Grandma Matchmaker”
Info: A cloud of Mamatite’s babies became Termitis
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

Barillian Bug
“The Barillian Sting”
Info: When stings humans they turn into monsters
Defeat: Astro Megazord

“Flashes of Darkonda” & “The Ranger’s Mega Voyage”
Info: A monster that was grown from a portion of the mutated Darkonda.
Defeat: Astro Megazord

“True Blue to the Rescue”
Info: Helped to steal Storm Blaster
Defeat: Mega Voyager

Body Switcher
“Invasion of the Body Switcher”
Info: Switched the bodies of Astronema and Ashley
Defeat: Mega Voyager

“Survival of Silver ”
Info: While fighting the Rangers, the Silver Ranger awoke
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

Crocotox (Blue & Red)
“Red with Envy”
Info: Partners sent to Earth to spread toxins
Defeat: Super Silverizer & Astro Delta Megazord

Preying Mantis
“The Silver Secret”
Info: Sent to take advantage of Zhane’s morphing limit
Defeat: Mega Voyager

“A Date with Danger”
Info: Went rogue on Astronema knocking her out, Zhane saves her
Defeat: Never destroyed, but was outside the Onyx Tavern in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 

Horror Bull 1 & 2
“A Date with Danger”
Info: Copied the Rangers’ weapons moves inside of his  Ecliptor jewel, use the moves on the  Rangers
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

“Zhane’s Destiny”
Info:  Infected the KO-35 Rebels with corals
Defeat: Astro Delta Megazord

“Always a Chance”
Info: Stretch tongue and Invisibility; fought by Adam, the Black MMPR Ranger
Defeat: Astro Megazord Saber

“The Secret of the Locket”
Info: Sonic blasts from his ears
Defeat:  Professor Phenomenus hit Batarax with an alternate beam, enough for the Rangers to distract the monster and destroy it.

“Astronema Thinks Twice”
Info: Astronema sent this monster after Andros, To prove her loyalty to Dark Spector
Defeat: Mega Voyager

“Dark Specter’s Revenge Part 2″
Info: Mistook Bulk, Skull and Professor Phenomenus for Rangers
Defeat: Mega Voyager

Owl Monster
“Rangers Gone Psycho”
 Info: Emits Electricity
Defeat: Astro Megazord

“Carlos on Call”
Info: Emit blasts from his mouth and scan info on the Rangers
Defeat: Mega Voyager

“Andros and the Stowaway”
Info: After Seymour; he was his master and could turn things to stone
Defeat:  Astro Delta Megazord

“Andros and the Stowaway”
Info: Saved by Andros from his master
Defeat: Went peacefully back to Tirna

“Mission to Secret City”
Info: Sent people to Astronema’s Secret City from a beam
Defeat: Mega Voyager

“A Line in the Sand”
Info: A humvee tracked down and hunted the Power Rangers
Defeat: Exploded in a massive fireball in the sky, taking the Mega Voyager with him