Andros, Red Space Ranger


Name: Andros
Ranger: Red Space Ranger
Actor: Christopher Khayman Lee
Episodes: 46
First Appearance: “From Out Of Nowhere: Part 1
Last Appearance “Forever Red”
Sentai: Denji Sentai Megaranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Andros is a Karovian and the Red Space Ranger who was on the hunt for Zordon when he is first introduced. He later joins the Earth Power Rangers after he learns there is strength in numbers. Due to him being from another planet, Earth’s culture confuses him and tries to learn it from his teammates. Andros eventually develops feelings for Ashley and the two are later shown going on dates. Andros later reveals he has a sister that was kidnapped by Darkonda years ago that is revealed to be Astronema.


Mega V1

Mega V1
Mega V1 is the personal zord of Andros, The Red Space Ranger. He and the other Space Rangers found the Mega Vehicles on one of Jupiter’s Moons after Andros won key cards from a warrior who stole them from Zordon during the war on Eltar. Mega V1 resembles an astronaut and has two missile launchers on both its shoulders. Mega V1 has the ability to combine with the other Mega Vehicles and forms the midsection, waist and upper legs of the Mega Voyager.


Spiral Saber

Spiral Saber
The Spiral Saber is the personal weapon of the Red Space Ranger. The Spiral Saber is primarily used similarly like a sword but is also seen to have strong drilling power.

Spiral Saber Booster Mode

Spiral Saber Booster Mode
The Spiral Saber and Astro Blaster has a secondary form which gives both weapons, even more, firepower. This configuration is primarily used as a finisher with the Quadro Blaster to finish off a monster.

Astro Blaster Red Spiral Saber With Astro Blaster

Astro Blaster
The Astro Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Space Ranger. The Spiral Saber can also combine with the Astro Blaster to give the Astro Blaster a stronger blasting effect.


Red Battlizer Armor

Red Battlizer Armor
During an altercation with a monster in the Secret City, a girl named Silvy activated an untested function on the Battlizer which give Andros a Battlizer form. The Red Battlizer Armor gives Andros the ability to fly, power over gravity, and the power to fire torpedoes.

Other Form

Blue Space Ranger

Blue Space Ranger
Andros disguised himself as the Blue Space Ranger in order to confuse the Psycho Rangers.


Galaxy Gliders

Galaxy Gilder
The Galaxy Glider is used by the Space Rangers whenever they need to travel in space or on Earth.

Later Appearances

Lost Galaxy
Andros travels to Terra Venture to aid the Galaxy Rangers in defeating the recently freed Psycho Rangers.

Wild Force
Andros spied on the Machine Empire Remnants while they were digging up Serpentera on the Moon. After relaying his findings to Tommy, he teams up with the other Red Rangers at the time to stop the Machine Empire Remnants from digging up Serpentera.