Ashley Hammond, Yellow Space Ranger


Name: Ashley Hammond
Ranger: Yellow Space Ranger
Actor: Tracy Lynn Cruz
Episodes: 75
First Appearance: “A Drive To Win″
Last Appearance: “The Power Of Pink”
Sentai: Denji Sentai Megaranger
Producer: Saban

Astronema Disguised As Ashley

Character Bio

After the Power Chamber is destroyed, Ashley goes into space in order to rescue Zordon from The United Alliance Of Evil. She eventually bumps into Andros, the Red Space Ranger and after some persuasion joins him as the Yellow Space Ranger. Ashley eventually develops feeling for Andros and the two are later shown going on dates.


Mega V4

Mega V4
Mega V4 is the personal zord of Ashley, the Yellow Space Ranger. She and the other Power Rangers found the Mega Vehicles on one of Jupiter’s Moons after Andros won key cards from a warrior who stole them from Zordon during the war on Eltar. Mega V4 resembles a flying saucer and has the ability to combine with the other Mega Vehicles and forms the body and arms of the Mega Voyager.


Star Slinger

Star Slinger
The Star Slinger is the personal weapon of the Yellow Space Ranger. The Star Slinger can fire blasts of energy like a sling shot. To finish off a monster, Ashley can combine her weapon with the other Space Rangers weapons to form the Quadro Blaster.


Battle Blade
Ashley can transform her hand into a blade in order to use as a weapon.

Astro Blaster Yellow Star Slinger With Astro Blaster

Astro Blaster
The Astro Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Space Ranger. The Star Slinger can combine with the Astro Blaster to give the Astro Blaster a stronger blasting effect.

Other Forms

Ashley As Astronema

Played By: Melody Perkins
Ashley tricks Body Switcher to transform her into Astronema so that she can trick Elgar into untying her.

Blue Space Ranger

Blue Space Ranger
Ashley disguised herself as the Blue Space Ranger in order to confuse the Psycho Rangers.


Galaxy Gliders

Galaxy Gilder
The Galaxy Glider is used by the Space Rangers whenever they need to travel in space or on Earth.

Later Appearances


Lost Galaxy
Ashley travels to Terra Venture to aid the Galaxy Rangers in defeating the recently freed Psycho Rangers.