Carlos Vallerte, Black Space Ranger


Name: Carlos Vallerte
Ranger: Black Space Ranger
Actor: Roger Velasco
Episodes: 74
First Appearance: “A Drive To Win″
Last Appearance: “The Power of Pink”
Sentai: Denji Sentai Megaranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

After the Power Chamber is destroyed, Carlos goes into space in order to rescue Zordon from The United Alliance Of Evil. He eventually bumps into Andros, the Red Space Ranger and after some persuasion joins him as the Black Space Ranger. Carlos has self-doubt due to one instance where he injures Cassie during a monster fight. He also has a tendency to do before he thinks after morphing in a photo booth and a girl named Silvy blackmails him.


Mega V2

Mega V2
Mega V2 is the personal zord of Carlos, the Black Space Ranger. He and the other Space Rangers found the Mega Vehicles on one of Jupiter’s Moons after Andros won key cards from a warrior who stole them from Zordon during the war on Eltar. Mega V2 resembles a space shuttle and has the ability to combine with the other Mega Vehicles and forms the head of the Mega Voyager.


Lunar Lance

Lunar Lance
The Lunar Lance is the personal weapon of the Black Space Ranger.The Lunar Lance can grab to its foe and pummel them to the ground. To finish off a monster, Carlos can combine his weapon with the other Space Rangers weapons to form the Quadro Blaster.

Astro Blaster Black Lunar Lance With Astro Blaster

Astro Blaster
The Astro Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Space Ranger. The Lunar Lance can combine with the Astro Blaster to give the Astro Blaster a stronger blasting effect.

Other Forms

Barillian Bug

Barillian Bug
Carlos is temporarily transformed into a Barillian Bug after he is stung by a bug sent out by Darkonda.

Blue Space Ranger

Blue Space Ranger
Carlos disguised himself as the Blue Space Ranger in order to confuse the Psycho Rangers.


Galaxy Gliders

Galaxy Gilder
The Galaxy Glider is used by the Space Rangers whenever they need to travel in space or on Earth.

Later Appearances


Lost Galaxy
Carlos travels to Terra Venture to aid the Galaxy Rangers in defeating the recently freed Psycho Rangers.