Zhane, Silver Space Ranger


Name: Zhane
Ranger: Silver Space Ranger
Actor: Justin Nimmo
Episodes: 24
First Appearance: “Survival Of Silver″
Last Appearance: “Countdown To Destruction: Part 2”
Sentai: Denji Sentai Megaranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Zhane was Andros’ best friend from KO-35 that was injured during an altercation with one of Dark Specter’s monsters. After being frozen in stasis for two years, Zhane resumes his role as the Silver Space Ranger. However, due to him being morphed for so long, Zhane only had a morph limit of two and a half minutes until he figured out a way to recharge his morpher. During a fight with Astronema’s force, the two develop feelings for each other and date for a short time. After coming in contact with KO-35 Rebels, Zhane decides to stay with them for a short time. However, he returns to the team to help destroy an Asteroid on collision with Earth.


Mega Winger Mega Winger Battle Mode

Mega Winger
The Mega Winger was created by the rebels of KO-35. The Mega Winger can fly at supersonic speed and has powerful blasting power. The Mega Winger also has the ability to transform into a humanoid robotic form.


Blaster Mode Super Silverizer Blade Mode

Super Silverizer
The Super Silverizer is the personal weapon of the Silver Space Ranger. The Super Silverizer can double as a blaster and a blade.

Other Forms

Psycho Silver

Psycho Silver
Zhane disguised himself as the Silver Psycho Ranger in order to confuse Psycho Blue.

Zhane Disguised As Psycho Red

Psycho Red
Zhane dressed up as Psycho Red in order to play a trick on Andros.


Silver Galaxy Glider Silver Cycle

Galaxy Gilder/Silver Cycle
The Galaxy Glider is used by the Space Rangers whenever they need to travel in space or on Earth. The Silver Galaxy Glider has the ability to transform into a motorcycle.

Galactic Rover
The Galactic Rover is a dune buggy that Zhane drives whenever he needs to ride on a rough terrain.