Season 6 (1998)

United Alliance of Evil
In the opening episode of Power Rangers in Space, all of the former forcers of evil to tangle with the Rangers have gathered to join forces. Divatox creates quite a stir having just destroyed the Turbo Rangers.

Dark Specter
Played by: T.J. Rotolo, Christopher Cho
Mastermind behind the invasion of the universe has capture Zordon on his planet of Eltar as he attacked.
He plans to drain Zordon of his powers, however was destroyed by Darkonda.

 Astronema (Karone)
Played by: Melody Perkins
They say she will be the next Queen of Evil! She pilots the Dark Fortress under the orders of Dark Spectre to invade Earth. However, she has her own plans for him. Her secret past as Andros’ sister who was seperated from Andros on KO-35 .

Played by: Lex Lang
Astronema’s powerful and faithful servant. He would become one of the Rangers’ most ruthless villains, however he assisted them when Astronema became Karone, but was turned evil once more.

Played by: Kenny Graceson, Derek Stephen Prince
Much to Astronema’s annoyance Elgar was transferred by Dark Specter from Divatox to the Dark Fortress.

Played by: Steve Kramer
Assisting Astronmena in battling the Rangers, he was treacherous and had his own agenda. He died along with Dark Specter after betraying him.
Andros discovered that it was Darkonda who kidnapped his sister from KO-35 years ago.

Blade wielding foot-soldiers serving Astronema

Psycho Rangers
Played by Patrick David,  Michael Maize, Wally Wingert, Kamera Walton, Vicki Davis
Astronema created these insane Rangers to destroy their color counterparts and they will stop at anothing to destroy them. They were tricked easily enough when the Rangers donned different colors and the Psychos could not copy their moves.
They were not destroyed merely stored on data cards and hidden away.