Power Rangers In Space
Season 6 (1998)


United Alliance Of Evil


Dark Specter
Voiced By: Christopher Cho
The self-proclaimed Monarch Of Evil, Dark Specter succeeded in conquering Eltar and kidnapping Zordon. He is the one responsible for aligning all the villain factions from past seasons together and assigning  Astronema the task of destroying the Space Rangers up until she defects to the side of good after learning of her origin. However, he orders Darkonda to give her cybernetic implants to make her evil again. In the finale, he orders all his evil forces take over different portions of the universe. That is up until Darkonda shoots a planet destroying missile at him which destroys him but not until he eats Darkonda alive before imploding.


Played By: Melody Perkins
The crowned Princess Of Evil, Astronema was raised at a young age by Ecliptor to be a strong and fierce warrior worthy of the title. She was given the task of conquering the planet Earth and destroying the Space Rangers by Dark Specter himself. As the series progresses, it is revealed that Astronema is Andros’s long lost sister Karone that was kidnapped by the space bounty hunter Darkonda when they were kids. Upon learning this, she defects to the side of good for a short time up until she is forcibly given cybernetic implants by Darkonda to be evil again. After receiving cybernetic implants, Astronema is shown to be more ruthless than ever creating evil counterparts of the Space Rangers called the Psycho Rangers that take energy from Dark Specter himself. After Dark Specter is destroyed by a missile originally planned for Earth, Astronema becomes the Queen Of Evil until she is accidentally killed by her brother in battle. However, she is revived and purified thanks to Zordon’s Energy Wave.

Voiced By: Lex Lang
Astronema’s powerful and honorable second-in-command, Ecliptor raised Astronema from a very young age to be a powerful and cunning warrior. Ecliptor is shown to have a rivalry with the space bounty hunter Darkonda shown when he slipped him poison into what Darkonda thought was a super strength potion. When Astronema defects to the side of good, Ecliptor receives cybernetic implants to erase any feelings he has for Astronema. However, these implants are shown to fail when Ecliptor sees a dead Astronema lying on the ground and swears vengeance on the Red Ranger for killing her. His efforts are in vein however when he is turned to dust thanks to Zordon’s Energy Wave.

Voiced By: Steve Kramer
Darkonda first shows up on the Dark Fortress to offer his services to Astronema, which she approves of  for a short time. He is shown to have a fierce rivalry with Ecliptor seen during the many time they have dueled each other. He is shown to have many lives by some unknown circumstance. Later in the series, it is revealed that he is the one responsible for kidnapping Karone and turning her into Astronema. After this secret is revealed, he is ordered by Dark Specter to give Astronema cybernetic implants to make her forget what has happen. However, these implants were shown to work too well seen where she orders Darkonda to leave her ship. He return towards the end of the series where he plans to destroys Dark Specter and Astronema and take over as the Monarch Of Evil. He succeeds in destroying Dark Specter however his plans to destroy Astronema fail after he is eaten alive by Dark Specter before he implodes.


Voiced By: Derek Stephen Prince
Elgar is forcibly drafted into Astronema’s ranks much to Astronema’s dismay. He is destroyed by Zordon’s Energy Wave in the finale.

Psycho Rangers
Voiced By: Patrick David, Michael Maize, Wally Wingert, Kamera Walton, and Vicki Davis
Created by Astronema, the Psycho Ranger are shown to crave one thing and that is to destroy their good counterparts. They are shown to be very powerful due most likely to them being connected to Dark Specter as a power source. They are slowly defeated one at a time by the Space Rangers until they return to life thanks to a machine created to digitize the human race. Thankfully the Space Rangers are able to digitize the Psycho Rangers but are unable to retrieve them before the Secret City implodes. They are last seen in the possession of Astronema.


The Quantrons serve as footsoldiers in Astronema’s Army.


The Piranhatrons are shown doing certain missions for the United Alliance Of Evil.

The Velocifighters serve as the aerial attack vehicles of Astronema’s forces.

Alternate Sects

Rita and Zedd

Rita & Zedd
Rita and Zedd were given the task of attacking the Vica Galaxy during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe. Both Rita and Zedd were purified by Zordon’s Energy Wave.

Machine Empire

Machine Empire
The Machine Empire was given the task of attacking Phantom Ranger’s Home Planet during the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe. The Machine Empire were turned to dust by Zordon’s Energy Wave.

Divatox spends a majority of her time after joining the United Alliance Of Evil transporting Zordon from planet to planet. During the United Alliance Of Evil’s conquest of the universe Divatox was given the task of attacking Gratha, Divatox was purified by Zordon’s Energy Wave.