Season 7

D.E.C.A. is the onboard computer aboard the Astro Megaship with multiple cameras placed throughout the ship, D.E.C.A. also makes sure that all operations run smoothly. She is capable of speaking 3000 languages and still remains in board the ship after the Space Rangers retirement.

Alpha 6
After the Space Rangers retirement, Alpha 6 remained on board the Astro Megaship after it was converted into a museum. When Damon and Kai come aboard in need of the Megaship, Alpha stays with them and continues to mentor the newest team of Power Rangers.

Professor Phenomenus and Bulk  
Played by: Jack Banning  & Paul Schrier
After accidentally leaving Skull behind on Earth and boarding Terra Venture, this duo make a few appearances working in the  Comet Cafe.

Commander Stanton
Played by: Tom Whyte
Commander Stanton is the captain of Terra Venture  and oversees all of its operations. He cares for his young daughter and mentors many of the Rangers outside of their suits.

High Councilor Renier
Played by: Betty Hankins
High Councilor Renier is the supreme authority in the five-member High Command presiding over Terra Venture.

Councilor Brody
Played by: Jack Betts
Councilor Brody is a member of the High Command on Terra Venture.

The (Original) Magna Defender
Voiced by: Kerrigan Mahan 
The Magna Defender is a lone warrior and the sworn enemy of Scorpius. Prior to the death of his son, Zika, he was once an honorable warrior who fought for justice and peace. After Zika’s death, he became motivated by his vengeance and disregarded his noble ideals, vowing to stop at nothing to avenge his son. Later, he passed his powers onto Mike.

Zika is the original Magna Defender’s son. He was killed by Scorpius 3000 years ago inciting a lust for revenge within his father, later Zika helped his Father realize the errors in his ways and brought him back to justice.

Space Rangers
In order to combat the return of the Psycho Rangers, the Power Rangers in Space strap on their Astro Morphers one more time to assist the Galaxy Rangers in their struggle with old enemies!