The Quasar Sabers
Placed inside a stone alter on the planet of Mirinoi these ancient swords await the
rightful owners of the power to tap into the Morphin’ Grid

The Transmorphers
Harnessing the power of the Quasar Sabers’ past owners the Rangers call out
“Go Galactic!” and become Power Rangers of the Lost Galaxy

Magna Morpher
Mike was left the Magna Defender Powers when the original died.
Shouting out “Magna Power!” Mike transforms into the Magna Defender

The Magna Talon
Leo’s Transdagger forms a large knife and harnesses the power of fire.

The TransBlaster
Damon’s Transdagger forms a crossbow and releases a pulse of energy.

The Cosma Claw
Kai’s Transdagger forms a double claw and harnesses the power of water.

The Delta Daggers
Maya’s Transdagger forms two daggers that form a cross lightning strike

The Beta Bow
Kendrix (and later Karone)’s Transdagger forms a bow that shoots energy arrow.

Transdaggers in Star Formation
When formed together emit a powerful blast
These daggers also transform the Galactabeasts to create the Galaxy Megazord

The Quasar Cannons
When Kai gets the Quasar Crystals from the Guardian the Rangers can access these cannons.

The Magna Blaster
A shotgun like weapon left for Mike by the Magna Defender

The Magna Blaster in Sword Mode

The Lights of Orion
An ancient power used by the Galaxy Rangers to enhance their powers.

The Jet Jammers
Space gliders designed by Alpha for the Galaxy Rangers to explore space.

The Astro Cycles
Designed after the male Rangers’ Galactabeasts; these cycles have powerful blasters and armor

Capsular Cycle
Leo can transform his own Astro Cycle that completely shields him while blasting a fiery attack!

The Red Armor
Leo, the Red Space Ranger with his Battlized Armor