VII. Locations


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Terra Venture

Terra Venture

Terra Venture
Terra Venture is a space colony from Earth venturing through the galaxy to look for a new planet to live on. It houses many domes including a city, mountain, and forest dome.

GSA Administrative Building GSA Control Tower

GSA Administrative Building
The GSA Administrative Building is the headquarters of the Galactic Space Alliance. It also houses the GSA Control Tower is the hub where all of Terra Venture’s controls are watched by the GSA.

GSA Science Division Desk GSA Science Division

GSA Science Division
The GSA Science Division’s main objective to is come up with experiments that’ll help them in the new world.

Kitchen Area Bunks

Living Quarters
Each member of Terra Venture has their own living quarters complete with a kitchen and sleeping area.

The Comet Cafe Comet Cafe Interior

The Comet Cafe
The Comet Cafe is a cafe on Terra Venture that Bulk & Prof. Phenomenus started working at after they were fired from the Science Division of The GSA.

Astro Megaship Astro Megaship Bridge

Astro Megaship
After the Space Rangers save the universe by the United Alliance of Evil, the Astro Megaship is transformed into a museum but is eventually commandeered by the Galaxy Ranger to use in their battle against Trakeena. During the final battle with Trakeena, the Astro Megaship is sent on self-destruct to prevent Trakeena from harming fleeing citizens of Terra Venture.


Mirinoi Mirinoi Ground

Mirinoi is the home planet of Maya and the resting place of the Quasar Sabers.

Red Planet Red Planet Ground

Red Planet
This Red Planet was used by Scorpius to house the captured Galactabeasts.

Magna Defender Home Planet Magna Defender Home Planet Ground

Magna Defender’s Home Planet
This planet was once the home of Magna Defender and his son Zika before Scorpius destroyed it.

Onyx PRLG Onyx Ground PRLG

Trakeena came to Onyx after she left her father’s side after she want her to mutate into a bug.

Onyx Tavern Onyx Tavern Interior

Onyx Tavern
 The Onyx Tavern is a saloon on the planet Onyx that various aliens throughout the universe are shown to regularly frequent.

Rashon Rashon Ground

Rashon is a planet that once held the Savage Sword.

Gwinnett Gwinnett Ground

The Planet Gwinnett is where the Pink Quasar Saber landed after Kendrix sacrificed herself to save Cassie.

Karasa Karasa Ground

This planet is used by Deviot to ambush the Galaxy Rangers into thinking the Pink Quasar Saber was there.

Warrior Planet Warrior Planet Ground

Warrior Planet
This planet held a power source that once belonged to a powerful warrior Karone defeated when she was Astronema.

Scorpion Stinger

Scorpion Stinger Scorpion Stinger Interior

Scorpion Stinger
The Scorpion Stinger is the main headquarters of Scorpius and later Trakeena and their forces.

Trakeena's Private Chambers Chair Trakeena's Private Chambers

Trakeena’s Private Chambers
Trakeena has her own private chambers on the Scorpion Stinger.

Lost Galaxy

Captain Mutiny's Castle Captain Mutiny's Castle Interior

Captain Mutiny’s Castle
Originally housed on the back of Titanisaur, Captain Mutiny’s Castle is the main headquarters for Captain Mutiny and his forces.

Captain Mutiny Planet Captain Mutiny Planet Ground

Captain Mutiny Planet
Captain Mutiny has his slaves dig up jewels that are stored within this planets ground.

Hexuba's Graveyard Exterior Hexuba's Graveyard Interior

Hexuba’s Graveyard
This graveyard is the home of Hexuba located in the Lost Galaxy.

Slave Prison Slave Camp

Slave Camp
Located on an unknown planet, Captain Mutiny’s Slave Camp was home to many captured space travelers to dig up treasures for him.