Season 7

Furio’s Monsters

“Race to the Rescue”
Info: Scorpius’ general whi kidnapped the Galactabeasts
Defeat:  Punished by Scorpius

“Race to the Rescue”
Info: Elvis Impersonator
Defeat: Lion Galactabeast

“Rookie in Red” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Had the Trans-Daggers
Defeat: Lion Galactabeast

“Homesick” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Put Terra Venture to sleep
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“The Lights of Orion” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Disguised himself as Mike to get the Lights of Orion
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“Double Duty”
Info: Had a notebook he would take out pages that would explode on his victims.
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“The Blue Crush” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Fired stakes from his mouth to make Terra Venture quake.
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

 Treacheron’s Monsters

“The Magna Defender”
Info: Starfish Monster used to excavate the cave with the rock that supposedly contained to the Lights of Orion.
Defeat: Not defeated

“The Magna Defender”
Info: Attacked Kendrix who he believed had the Lights of Orion
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“The Magna Defender”
Info: Stole another stone supposedly containing the Lights.
Defeat: Magna Defender

“The Sunflower Search” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Held Magna Defender’s son Zika hostage for Scorpius around three thousand years ago.
Defeat:  Defender Torozord

“Silent Sleep”
Info: Caused the entire colony to fall asleep; except for animals.
Defeat:  Defender Torozord

“Orion Rising,” “Orion Returns,” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
 Info: Gained the powers of the Lights of Orion and used the power against the Rangers.
Defeat: Lights of Orion

Shark Brothers
“Shark Attack”
Info: Swore revenge when the Rangers destroy Treacheron
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord w/ Lights of Orion

Trakeena/Villamax’s Monsters

“The Sunflower Search” and “Orion Returns”
Info: disguised herself as Treacheron to trick Destruxo and frame him.
Defeat:  Magna Defender destroyed her urn, but she never returned.

Freaky Tiki
“Redemption Day” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Backstabbed Magna Defender
Defeat: Lights of Orion and Galaxy Megazord

“Destined for Greatness”
Info: Trapped Rangers in his mirror shield
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“Stolen Beauty”
Info: Wrapped his bandages around women to steal their beauty.
Defeat:  Galaxy Megazord

“Memories of Mirnoi”
Info: Disguised himself as Maya’s best friend from Mirinoi
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“Green Courage”
Info: Ordered to destroy Terra Venture
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

Icy Angel
“Blue to the Test”
Info: shot Commander Stanton causing Stanton to lack emotion.
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“Loyax’s Last Battle”
Info: was offered the Power Rangers as his last and grand battle, he was a valiant warrior.
Defeat: Deviot’s Exploding Device

“Chameliac Warrior”
Info: Scanned and cloned the Ranger’s powers and abilities to use against them
Defeat:  Galaxy Megazord

“Facing the Past”
Info: His staff could drain Leo’s powers. He then fried Maya and Kai’s morphers and took Damon and Mike’s powers.
Defeat: Red Armored Power Ranger

Deviot’s Monsters

“The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2″ & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info: Shot energy bolts from his hands.
Defeat:  Galaxy Megazord

“An Evil Game”
Info: Tasked along with Teska to destroy Trakeena
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“An Evil Game” & “Hexuba’s Graveyard”
Info:  Tasked along with Kubak to destroy Trakeena
Defeat: Destroyed by Trakeena

Motor Mantis
“The Sunflower Search” and “Man Wheels Mantis”
Info:  Turned Kendrix and Maya into trophies and challenged Leo to a race.
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“A Red Romance”
Info: Was able to trap people in her neckalce
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord

“Protect the Quasar Sabar”
Info:  Deviot’s guard as he disguised himself as Runtus, who had possession of the Pink Quasar Saber.
Defeat:  Lights of Orion

“Protect the Quasar Saber”
Info:  Deviot’s guard as he disguised himself as Runtus
Defeat:  Galaxy Megazord

“Turn Up the Volume”
Info: Emits a shriek soundwave
Defeat: Rangers in Orion Armor

Captain Mutiny’s Monsters

“Beware the Mutiny”
Info: Tried to destruct Megazord
Defeat:  Exploded

“Beware the Mutiny” & “Grunchor on the Loose”
Info: Sent in as a  Trojan Horse into Terra Venture
Defeat: 3 Megazords Pooled Energy

“Until Sunset”
Info: Blew fire from his mouth
Defeat:  Red Armored Ranger

“Dream Battle”
Info: Sent in while Rangers’ were in Hexuba’s dream world
Defeat: Galaxy Megazord