Damon Henderson, Green Galaxy Ranger


Name: Damon Henderson
Ranger: Green Galaxy Ranger
Actor: Reggie Rolle
Episodes: 46
First Appearance: “Quasar Quest: Part 2″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Damon was originally a mechanic on the Astro Megaship before Kai commandeered it in order to travel to Mirinoi to aides his friends. After landing on Mirinoi, he pulls the Green Quasar Saber from its stone and becomes the Green Galaxy Ranger. After becoming a member of the GSA, Damon procures a job at Terra Venture’s mechanics department.


Condor Galactabeast Condor Galactazord

Condor Galactabeast/Galactazord
The Condor Galactabeast is first seen as a prisoner of Scorpius. He is freed by the Green Galaxy Ranger and as thanks. the Condor Galactabeast decided to serve Damon in his fight against Scorpius and his monsters. In this form, he is shown to summon tornadoes from flapping his wings. The Condor Galactabeast gained the ability to transform into a mechanized form when Damon obtained the Green Transdagger. In this form, the Condor Galactazord has the ability to combine with the other Galactazords and forms the back, waistline, and crossbow of the Galaxy Megazord.


Green Quasar Saber

Green Quasar Saber
The Green Quasar Saber is the power source and primary weapon of the Green Galaxy Ranger.

Trans Blaster

Green Transdagger/Trans Blaster
The Green Transdagger was obtained by Damon after he stole it from a creature named Horns. The Green Transdagger has the ability to transform into a crossbow-like weapon called the Trans Blaster. The Green Transdagger is also the tool that transforms the Condor Galactabeast into the Condor Galactazord.

Green Quasar Launcher

Green Quasar Launcher
The Green Quasar Launcher is a cannon-like weapon used by the Green Galaxy Ranger that fires a powerful blast of energy taken from his element.


Green Orion Ranger

Orion Armor
When Damon and the other Galaxy Rangers call for the Lights of Orion, he gains this form which gives him a heightened boost of power.


Green Jet Jammer

Green Jet Jammer
The Green Jet Jammer was created by Alpha and DECA so that Damon could travel in space and patrol Terra Venture.

Green Astro Cycle

Green Astro Cycle
The Green Astro Cycle is Damon’s primary form of transportation on the ground.

Later Appearances

Lightspeed Rescue
Damon arrives on Earth with Kendrix to help Carter & Leo fight Trakeena. He later teams up with Joel to fight Olympius and his crew.

Super Megaforce
Damon looked on as some civilians discussed the defeat of the Power Rangers. Damon is later seen aiding the Mega Rangers in defeating the last wave of X-Borgs.