Leo Corbett, Red Galaxy Ranger


Name: Leo Corbett
Ranger: Red Galaxy Ranger
Actor: Danny Slavin
Episodes: 49
First Appearance: “Quasar Quest: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Producer: Saban

Leo Corbett

Character Bio

Leo is a stowaway that traveled through a portal to Mirinoi with his brother Mike and was given the Red Quasar Saber by him before he fell into a crevice. After obtaining the Red Quasar Saber, Leo becomes the Red Galaxy Ranger. Leo is constantly training by himself or with his teammate trying to hone his skill as the Red Ranger.


 Lion Galactabeast Lion Galactazord

Lion Galactabeast/Galactazord
The Lion Galactabeast is first seen as a prisoner of Scorpius. He is freed by the Red Galaxy Ranger and as thanks. the Lion Galactabeast decided to serve Leo in his fight against Scorpius and his monsters. In this form, he is able to breathe fire. The Lion Galactabeast gained the ability to transform into a mechanized form when Leo obtained the Red Transdagger. In this form, the Lion Galactazord has the ability to combine with the other Galactazords and forms the head and chest of the Galaxy Megazord.


Red Quasar Saber

Red Quasar Saber
The Red Quasar Saber is the power source and primary weapon of the Red Galaxy Ranger.

Magna Talon

Red Transdagger/Magna Talon
The Red Transdagger was obtained by Leo after he stole it from a creature named Horns. The Red Transdagger has the ability to transform into a dagger-like weapon called the Magna Talon. The Red Transdagger is also the tool that transforms the Lion Galactabeast into the Lion Galactazord.

Red Quasar Launcher

Red Quasar Launcher
The Red Quasar Launcher is a cannon-like weapon used by the Red Galaxy Ranger that fires a powerful blast of energy taken from his element.


Red Orion Ranger

Orion Armor
When Leo and the other Galaxy Rangers call for the Lights of Orion, he gains this form which gives him a heightened boost of power.

Red Armored Ranger

Red Armored Ranger
Leo gained this mode from a warrior that Karone turned into stone when she was Astronema. The Red Armor Ranger had strong grappling power and has a blasting powers to finish of his enemies.


Red Jet Jammer

Red Jet Jammer
The Red Jet Jammer was created by Alpha and DECA so that Leo could travel in space and patrol Terra Venture.

Red Astro Cycle

Red Astro Cycle
The Red Astro Cycle is Leo’s primary form of transportation on the ground. The Red Astro Cycle has the ability to transform into the Red Capsular Cycle.

Red Capsular Cycle

Red Capsular Cycle
The Red Astro Cycle has the ability to transform into the Red Capsular Cycle. The Red Capsular Cycle can travel at super speed and can transform into a fireball to hurl itself at enemy monsters.

Later Appearances


Lightspeed Rescue
Leo travels to Earth to prevent Triskull from aiding Trakeena in turning into her Bug Form. He later teams up with Carter to defeat Triskull.

Wild Force
Leo arrives on the Moon from Mirinoi with Aurico to aide the other Red Rangers at the time to stop the Machine Empire Remnants from digging up Serpentera.


Super Megaforce
Leo rescues a little boy’s dog out of some rubble. Leo is later seen aiding the Mega Rangers in defeating the last wave of X-Borgs.