Karone, Pink Galaxy Ranger II


Name: Karone
Ranger: Pink Galaxy Ranger
Actor: Melody Perkins
Episodes: 58
First Appearance: “From Out Of Nowhere: Part 1
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle
Sentai: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

When the Pink Quasar Saber falls into evil hands, Karone masquerades as her former ego Astronema in order to get it back to the Galaxy Rangers. She succeeds at this and Kendrix’s spirit appears to her in order to pass on her powers and Karone becomes the new Pink Galaxy Ranger. Karone has a vast knowledge of powerful objects and aides Leo in getting his Red Armored Ranger mode in order to defeat a powerful monster.


Wildcat Galactabeast Wildcat Galactazord

Wildcat Galactabeast/Galactazord
Karone gains the Wildcat Galactabeast when she takes Kendrix’s role as the Pink Galaxy Ranger. The Wildcat Galactabeast gains the ability to transform into a mechanized form when Karone uses the Pink Transdagger to transforms her. In this form, the Wildcat Galactazord has the ability to combine with the other Galactazords and forms the right arm of the Galaxy Megazord.


Pink Quasar Saber II

Pink Quasar Saber
The Pink Quasar Saber is the power source and primary weapon of the Pink Galaxy Ranger.

Beta Bow

Pink Transdagger/Beta Bow
The Pink Transdagger has the ability to transform into a bow-like weapon called the Beta Bow. The Pink Transdagger is also the tool that transforms the Wildcat Galactabeast into the Wildcat Galactazord.

Pink Quasar Launcher

Pink Quasar Launcher
The Pink Quasar Launcher is a cannon-like weapon used by the Pink Galaxy Ranger that fires a powerful blast of energy taken from her element.


Pink Orion Ranger

Orion Armor
When Karone and the other Galaxy Rangers call for the Lights of Orion, she gains this form which gives her a heightened boost of power.

Other Forms

Karone As Astronema

Karone disguised herself as her former alter ego Astronema in order to retrieve the Pink Quasar Saber from the Onyx Auction.


Pink Jet Jammer v2

Pink Jet Jammer
The Pink Jet Jammer was created by Alpha and DECA so that Karone could travel in space and patrol Terra Venture.

Later Appearances


Super Megaforce
Karone listened to some civilians believing the Power Rangers would save them. Karone is later seen aiding the Mega Rangers in defeating the last wave of X-Borgs.