Season 7 (1999)

Scorpius & Trakeena’s Army


Voiced By: Kim Strauss
Scorpius desired to have many powerful items in his possession. He first sought after the Quasar Sabers and sends his general Furio to retrieve them. After he fails to retrieve them, he desires to obtain the Lights Of Orion and comes up with numerous plans of action to retrieve them. Scorpius also has a daughter he cares very deeply for and desires that she be safe at all time. He eventually constructs a cocoon for her to mutate into a bug with. However, she refuses and leaves the Scorpion Stinger for a short time. After his newest general Deviot persuades Scorpius to attack the Galaxy Ranger himself after telling him they have Trakeena, he is severely injured by the Red Ranger. Before dying, he sees his daughter one last time and passes on his powers and army to her.

Played By: Amy Miller Rolle
Daughter of Scorpius, Trakeena stays on the sidelines for most of the series up until her father forces her into a cocoon to mutate into an insect-like creature. She escapes before that happens and eventually lands on Onyx where she meets the warrior Villamax who teaches her to be a cunning and fierce warrior. After hearing of her father’s battle against the Galaxy Rangers, she returns to the Scorpion Stinger to see her father before he dies and takes over the Scorpion Stinger and his army. After the Galaxy Rangers return from the Lost Galaxy, she fuses with Deviot and becomes more malicious than ever. She destroys Terra Venture’s last remaining engine, send all her Stingwingers down to an evacuating Terra Venture with bombs attached to them, and even killing her general and teacher Villamax for disobeying her. After her Scorpion Stinger crash lands on the moon after being hit by a self-destructed Astro Megaship, Trakeena uses the cocoon to mutate and uses her newly acquired powers to reanimate Terra Venture’s main dome to crash on Mirinoi. However, she is stopped by the Galaxy Rangers and is presumably destroyed by Leo in his Red Armored Ranger Mode.


Voiced By: Tom Wyner
Furio is first seen trying to release the Quasar Saber from the stone. When he fails to do so, he turns the planet of Mirinoi and its population to stone. He eventually plots to find the Lights Of Orion and fails numerous times up until he is banished. He decides to have a one-on-one battle with Leo that makes himself self-destruct to destroy Leo once and for all.


Voiced By: Derek Stephen Prince
Treacheron is called in by Scorpius to replace Furio as his main general. Like Furio before him, Treacheron attempts to locate the Lights Of Orion for Scorpius. Treacheron is the arch nemesis of the Magna Defender and the one responsible for the Magna Defender being trapped in a crevice for centuries. After a while, his monster Destruxo succeeds in capturing the Lights Of Orion. However, Trakeena sends down Impostra to disguise herself as Treacheron and tricks Destruxo in using the Lights Of Orion himself. After Scorpius learns of this, he is labeled a traitor and is imprisoned. His loyal warriors the Shark Brothers release him from imprisonment and he plots to undermine Trakeena. He nearly succeeds in doing so but is challenged to a duel by Leo, The Red Galaxy Ranger and loses which destroys him.

Voiced By: Bob Papenbrook
Deviot arrives at Scorpion Stinger to offer his services to Scorpius by using his own zords to battle the Galaxy Rangers. After that plan fails, Deviot attempts to persuade Scorpius to battle the Galaxy Rangers by telling him that they have his daughter Trakeena. After a dying Scorpius tells Deviot to use the cocoon, Trakeena arrives at the Scorpion Stinger and his plans fail. He decides to stay on as one of Trakeena’s Generals for a while up until he steals the Galaxy Book to transform into a mutated form that is ultimately beaten by the rangers. After arriving at the Lost Galaxy, he offers his services to Captain Mutiny for a short time. After escaping the Lost Galaxy and returning to the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot is labeled a traitor by Trakeena and at a  last ditch effort uses the cocoon to fuse with Trakeena to make her more cruel and malicious.


Voiced By: David Lodge
Villamax is first seen in a bar on Planet Onyx where he offers to train Trakeena to become a cunning and fierce warrior. Villamax joins Trakeena as her second-in-command after she takes over her father’s empire. After Trakeena fuses with Deviot, Villamax has a change of heart after seeing that Trakeena will harm helpless people to accomplish her goals. Trakeena challenges him to a duel which Villamax refuses to strike his former student which inevitably causes him to be destroyed by her.


Voiced By: Richard Cansino
Villamax’s bumbling sidekick, Kegler also joins Villamax when Trakeena takes over her father’s empire. Kegler is shown to be very tech savvy shown during an instance in which he designs a satellite dish designed to destroy the Galactabeasts. It is unknown what happens to Kegler as he was last seen on the Scorpion Stinger prior to its destruction.


Psycho Rangers
Voiced By: Patrick David, Michael Maize, Wally Wingert, Kamera Walton, & Vicki Davis
Deviot obtained the key cards that the Psycho Rangers were imprisoned in and were reprogrammed to serve Trakeena. They were given the task in capturing the Galaxy Rangers and succeeded until the Space Rangers show up to save them and destroy them all except Psycho Pink.

Psycho Pink
Voiced By: Vicki Davis
Psycho Pink survives battling both the Space & Galaxy Rangers and is brought to the Scorpion Stinger by Deviot to be repaired. After going rogue, Psycho Pink goes after a weapon known as the Savage Sword to destroy the Pink Space & Galaxy Ranger. After using the Savage Sword to drain energy from Cassie’s Morpher, she mutates into her monster form and grows. She is destroyed by a combined effort from the Astro & Galaxy Megazords.


The Stingwingers serve as footsoldiers in Scorpius’s and later Trakeena’s Armies.

Captain Mutiny’s Forces

Captain Mutiny

Captain Mutiny
Voiced By: Mike Reynolds
Ruler of the Lost Galaxy, Captain Mutiny eagerly waits for spaceships to enter his galaxy so that he may capture the inhabitants and use them as slaves to dig up treasures. After Terra Venture leaves the Lost Galaxy, Captain Mutiny decides to follow announcing that he would rule this galaxy as well. However, he is stopped by Trakeena and he and his castle are destroyed by the Scorpion Stinger.


Voiced By: Richard Epcar
Barbarax serves Captain Mutiny as his second-in-command as well as the overseer of his slave camp. He is destroyed alongside Captain Mutiny by Trakeena and her Scorpion Stinger.

Voiced By: Rajia Baroudi
Hexuba is hired by Captain Mutiny to use her magic to defeat the Galaxy Ranger. After two of her plans to destroy the rangers fail, she decides to take the rangers head on and fuses within her the powers of numerous monster. She is taken down by Leo in his Red Armored Ranger Mode. However, she grows and is destroyed by the Galaxy Rangers Megazords.


Titanisaur is shown to be Captain Mutiny’s primary form of transportation from planet to planet up until he is sent to battle the Galaxy Rangers, where he is destroyed.


The Swabbies serve as footsoldiers in Captain Mutiny’s Army.