Season 7 (1999)

Played by: Kim Strauss
Scorpius came from a rift in space to follow the Galaxy Rangers and steal their Quasar Sabers.
He was defeated by the Rangers when he believed they had captured his daughter.

Played by: Amy Miller
Princess and trecherous foe, daughter of Scorpius.  Trained hard to face the  Rangers and pilot the Scorpion Stinger.
As her father requested she use a cocoon to merge with Deviot. Thought to be defeated but has come back numerous times.

Played by: Tom Wyner
In the Lost Galaxy opener was unable to retrieve the Quasar Sabers for his master and vowed to get them back no matter what. When in search for the Lights of Orion he detonated himself to destroy the Red Ranger.

Insect-like foot soldiers whose hands were sickles and were able to fly.

Played by: Derek Stephen Prince
A General of Scorpius and arch-enemy of the Magna Defender; who he had defeated and threw into a chasm 3,000 years ago.
Destroyed in a battle to the death against Leo, the Red Ranger.

Played by: Bob Papenbrook
Deviot was a treacherous robotic alien who sought the power of Scorpius’s cocoon. Deviot gained a new form when he harnessed the power of the Galaxy book, but was defeated by the Rangers, but was later absorbed by Trakeena.

Played by: David Lodge
A loyal servant of Trakeena who trained her to become a powerful and skilled warrior.
Although, when she absorbed Deviot he defied her causing his demise.

Played by: Richard Cansino
Kegler is an old sidekick of Villamax, Though he lacks battle skills, he makes up for it with his extensive knowledge of technology.
He was last seen on the Scorpion Stinger when it crashed onto one of Mirinoi’s moons.

The Psycho Rangers
Patrick David,  Michael Maize, Wally WingertKamera WaltonVicki Davis
Deviot got his hands on the keycards in which the Space Rangers trapped the digitized Psycho Rangers and sent them after the Galaxy Rangers. It took the help of the Space Rangers to finally defeat them.

 Captain Mutiny
Played by: Mike Reynolds
Captain Mutiny commands a band of space pirates in the Lost Galaxy.
He commands a floating castle the flies through space. He was destroyed by Trakeena.

Played by: Richard Epcar
A barbaric, slave driving axe wielding right hand man to Captain Mutiny and was capable of emitting energy charges through the ground.
Was destroyed along with Mutiny’s castle.

Played by: Rajia Baroudi
Captain Mutiny brought sorceress Hexuba into his crew, so she could use her magic to destroy the Rangers. Her first spell didn’t work, and her second, which brought back past monsters, also failed. When she attempted herself, she was destroyed by the Rangers.

Pirate-like foot-soldiers of Captain Mutiny

Titanisaur carried Captain Mutiny’s castle on its back and was able to swim and fly through space.