VIII. Allies


Lightspeed Rescue Logo

Lightspeed Rescue

Captain William Mitchell

Captain William Mitchell
Played By: Ron Rogge
Captain Mitchell is the head of the Lightspeed Aquabase as well as the mentor to the Lightspeed Rangers. He is also the father of Dana, the Pink Lightspeed Ranger and Ryan, the Titanium Ranger.

Angela Fairweather

Angela Fairweather
Played By: Monica Louwerens
Angela Fairweather is the one responsible for developing all the weapons the Lightspeed Rangers use to fight the demons that threaten Mariner Bay. She is also romantically involved with Joel, the Green Lightspeed Ranger and eventually marries him.

General McKnight

General McKnight
Played By: Bert Kramer
General McKnight is a general at Lightspeed Rescue who planned on replacing the Lightspeed Rangers with cyborg duplicates.


Doctor Harlen
Played By: David Weisberg
Doctor Harlen is the developer of the Cyborg Rangers.

Clark Fairweather

Clark Fairweather
Played By: Jeff Henry
Clark is the brother of Angela Fairweather who helped his sister develop the Mega Battles.

Mariner Bay Residents

Nancy Cooper

Nancy Cooper
Played By: Rachel Koda
Nancy is a local astronaut who befriended Kelsey after she saved her dog.

Mrs. Winslow

Grandmother Winslow
Played By: Shannon Welles
Grandmother Winslow is Kelsey’s wealthy grandmother who was in possession of a rare crystal that Vypra needed to power up a laser.


Played By: Koji Kataoka
Mr.Tamashiro was Chad’s former teacher who disapproved of Chad’s role as a Lightspeed Ranger. He eventually has a change of heart after learning that Chad uses his teaching in the field of battle.


Heather Thompson
Played By: Sarah Joy Brown
Heather’s parents were among the innocent people kidnapped by The Ghouls so that Trakeena may use their life force to mutate back into her insect form.

Koko Kashmere

Koko Kashmere
Played By: Ruta Lee
Koko Kashmere is a talent scout who talked Dana into doing a spread for Glitz Magazine.

Mythical Characters

Sorcerer Of The Sands

Sorcerer Of The Sands
Played By: Gilbert Amelio
The Sorcerer Of The Sands is the one responsible for trapping the demons in their prison 5000 years ago. After learning from Ryan that the demons were released, he attempts to imprison them again. However, Diabolico interjects and blasts him to dust.


Played By: Kamera Walton
Marina is a mermaid who was romantically involved with Chad, the Blue Lightspeed Ranger.

King Neptune

King Neptune
Played By: Henry Frazier
King Neptune is Marina’s father who is in possession of a Trident that has the ability to control the water currents.

Galaxy Rangers


Leo Corbett
Played By: Danny Slavin
Leo travels to Earth to prevent Triskull from aiding Trakeena in turning into her Bug Form. He later teams up with Carter to defeat Triskull.


Kai Chen
Played By: Archie Kao
Kai arrives on Earth with Maya to protect Carter and a young girl from Ghouls. He later teams up with Chad to fight Olympius and his crew.


Played By: Cerina Vincent
Maya arrives on Earth with Maya to protect Carter and a young girl from Ghouls. She later teams up with Kelsey to fight Olympius and his crew.


Damon Henderson
Played By: Reggie Rolle
Damon arrives on Earth with Kendrix to help Carter & Leo fight Trakeena. He later teams up with Joel to fight Olympius and his crew.


Kendrix Morgan
Played By: Valerie Vernon
Kendrix arrives on Earth with Damon to help Carter & Leo fight Trakeena. She later teams up with Dana to fight Olympius and his crew.