Season 8

Captain William Mitchell
Played by: Ron Rogge
Captain Mitchell is the head of the Lightspeed Aquabase, mentor of the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers and the father of Dana & Ryan.

Ms. Angela Fairweather
Played by: Monica Louwerens
A scientist at the Lightspeed Aquabase and the creator of Ranger technology used by the Rescue Rangers, including the Titanium Ranger’s morpher. She is the sister of Clark Fairweather and has a romance with Joel, the Green Lightspeed Ranger.

Clark Fairweather
Played by: Jeff Henry
Clark is the brother of Angela Fairweather and the creator of the Battle Booster (or Mega Battle) armor used by Joel and Chad.

Played by: Kamera Walton
A mermaid princess and daughter of King Neptune who had been left for dead by an unknown Evil, until Vypra rescued her and tricked her into capturing Chad. As time went on, she grew to love Chad, even though their love could never work.

King Neptune
Played by: Harry Frazier
Neptune is the mermaid father of Marina who opposes her love with Chad.  The demons stole Neptune’s staff which can control the water. Using the staff, the demons wanted to let the water disappear from Marina Bay.

Galaxy Rangers 
When a Monster named Triskull attacks Leo in Mirinoi the Galaxy Rangers follow him to Earth where they join forces with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers. Not only do they take on Triskull but they must battle Olympius and Trakeena!