VIII. Arsenal


Lightspeed Rescue Logo


Rescue Morphers

Rescue Morpher
Morph Call:
Lightspeed Rescue!
The Rescue Morpher is the tool necessary to morph into a Lightspeed Ranger.

Titanium Morpher

Titanium Morpher
Morph Call: Titanium Power!
The Titanium Morpher is the tool necessary to morph into the Titanium Ranger.

Battle Boosters

Battle Boosters
The Battle Boosters were created to power-up weapons and zords. The Battle Boosters also lets Carter and the other Lightspeed Rangers control the Max Solarzord.


Rescue Blasters 

Rescue Blaster
The Rescue Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Lightspeed Ranger. Each blaster is equipped with a baton and blaster mode.

Rescue Drill Rescue Laser Rescue Cutter 

Rescue Weapons
The Rescue Weapons are the special weapons of the Lightspeed Rangers.

Rescue Bird

Rescue Bird
The Lightspeed Rangers can combine their Rescue Weapons to form the Rescue Bird.

 Titanium Axe

Titanium Laser/Titanium Axe
The Titanium Laser is the primary weapon of the Titanium Ranger that has strong blasting power. The Titanium Laser has the ability to transform into an Axe Mode.

V Lancers

The V-Lancers were created when the Lightspeed Rangers old weapons weren’t strong enough to go up against the Titanium Ranger. The V-Lancers have a lance and blaster mode and when used together form a powerful blast to finish off monsters.

Thermo Blasters Thermo Blaster Booster Mode

Thermo Blaster
The Thermo Blaster was created to fire an intense blast of heat at monsters. The Thermo Blaster can combine with the Battle Boosters for even more power.


Blue Mega Battle Green Mega Battle

Mega Battles
Designed by Angela & Clark Fairweather, the Mega Battles are used by Chad & Joel to take on overpowered monsters.

Trans Armor Battle Mode

Trans-Armor Cycle Armor Mode
The Trans-Armor Cycle Armor is used by Carter when he combines with the Trans-Armor Cycle.


Rescue Rover

Rescue Rover
The Rescue Rover is used by the Lightspeed Ranger to travel into battle.

Lightspeed Cycles Lightspeed Cycle With Rescue Speeder

Lightspeed Cycles
The Lightspeed Cycles are used by the Lightspeed Rangers when the Rescue Rover isn’t fast enough.

Red Mobile Armor Vehicle

Red Mobile Armor Vehicle
The Red Armor Vehicle is used by Carter whenever he needs to travel in the air. The Red Mobile Armor Vehicle has a strong missile attack.

Trans-Armor Cycle
The Trans-Armor Cycle is a speedy motorcycle Carter combines with to form a battlizer-like armor.