The Rescue Morphers
Morphers worn by the Rangers to transform into Light Speed Rescue Power Rangers.
Each Ranger calls out “Lightspeed Rescue!”
The Rescue Morphers are also used to call the Rangers’ Zords & Summon Alerts.

The Titanium Morpher
Morpher used by Ryan Mitchell to become the Titanium Ranger.

The Battle Booster
A booster that materializes from the Rescue Morphers. They are used to power up weapons and Zords.
Chad and Joel use them to summon the Mega Battle Armor

The Rescue Blasters
Each Ranger is equipped with a Rescue Blaster than can also change into Baton Mode.
Can also be combined with the V-Lancers and Rescue Bird.

The Rescue Bird
Power Weapons used by the Lightspeed Rangers combine into the Rescue Bird. Can fire high-powered projectiles.
Rescue Drill used by Carter, Rescue Laser used by Chad,
Rescue Cutter used by Joel
Rescue Claw used by Kelsey & Rescue Injector used by Dana

Titanium Laser (Axe Mode)
Wielded by Ryan which proves to be more powerful than the Rescue Bird.
Can transform into Laser or Axe Mode and absorb or redirect energy.

The V-Lancers
Weapons wielded by the Lightspeed Rangers, they have two modes Blaster & Lance Mode.
Together, they create the Spectrum Blast finisher.

The Thermo Blaster
Each Ranger is equipped with a Blaster that fires intense blasts of heat
and can also be powered up by the Battle Boosters.

The Mega Battle Armor
The Megabattles were created from a specific code on the Battle Boosters.
Joel and Chad are given the power.

The Trans Armor Cycle
At first difficult to master Carter was able to use this vehicle as his Battlizer.
The Trans Armor has two modes; Cycle and Armor becoming the first Battlizer that was also a vehicle.

The Lightspeed Cycles
Each Rangers rides in their own Lightspeed/Vector Cycle

The Rescue Rover
This rough and tough motor vehicle takes the Rangers from the Aqua Base into Battle.

Mobile Armor Vehicle
With amazing speed and power this small aircraft is piloted by the Red Ranger and once malfunctioned causing him to repeat a day