VIII. Locations


Lightspeed Rescue Logo


Aquabase Aquabase Interior

Lightspeed Aquabase
The Lightspeed Aquabase serves as the Lightspeed Rangers base of operations during their battle with Queen Bansheera and her force. The Aquabase is destroyed by a torpedo so that the Lightspeed Rangers are able to escape the ravaged Aquabase.

Aquabase Control Center Viewing Screen Aquabase Control Center Computer

Aquabase Control Center
The Control Center is the main hub of the Lightspeed Aquabase.

Computer Lab

Ms.Fairweather’s Lab
This lab is the place where Ms.Fairweather and her staff creates all the weapons the Lightspeed Rangers use to protect Mariner Bay.

Boys Living Quarters Girls Living Quarters

Living Quarters
The Lightspeed Rangers have their own living quarters in the Aquabase divided by gender.

The Galley Table

The Galley
The crew of the Aquabase go to this galley to eat their meals.

Rescue Bay Rescue Bay Interior

Rescue Bay
The Rescue Bay houses all the Lightspeed Rangers Zords.

Mariner Bay

Neptune's Ship Neptune's Ship Interior

Neptune’s Ship
This sunken ship is the home of King Neptune and his daughter Marina.

Office Building Trakeena's Room

Office Building
Trakeena used an office in this building as her base of operations while her forces kidnapped people to drain their lifeforce.

Villain Locations

Skull Cavern Skull Cavern Interior

Skull Cavern
The Skull Cavern is the home of Queen Bansheera and her followers.

Demon Tomb Demon Tomb Interior

Demon Tomb
Located in an unspecified desert, this tomb housed the demons the Sorcerer Of The Sands imprisoned 5000 years ago.

Shadow World Entrance Shadow World

Shadow World
  The Shadow World is the place where all of Queen Bansheera’s Demon are sent to after being destroyed by the Lightspeed Rangers.