Carter Grayson, Red Lightspeed Ranger


Name: Carter Grayson
Ranger: Red Lightspeed Ranger
Actor: Sean Cw Johnson
Episodes: 43
First Appearance: “Operation Lighspeed″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Kyukyu Sentai GoGo-V
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Carter is chosen by Captain Mitchell to become the Red Lightspeed Ranger. Before joining Lightspeed Rescue, Carter worked as a firefighter. Carter chose this career path after a firefighter saved his life as a child who is later revealed to be Captain Mitchell.


Pyro Rescue 1

Pyro Rescue 1
Pyro Rescue 1 is Carter’s primary zord and is designed after a fire truck that has ladder-like arms. Pyro Rescue 1 has the ability to combine with the other Lightspeed Zords and forms the arms and upper torso of the Lightspeed Megazord.

Rail Rescue 1

Rail Rescue 1
Rail Rescue 1 is designed after a locomotive and carries Pyro Rescue 1 and Omegazord 1 as cargo. Rail Rescue 1 has the ability to combine with the other Rail Rescues and forms the right arm of the Supertrain Megazord.

Omegazord 1

Omegazord 1
Omegazord 1 is designed after a shuttle and has the ability to combine with the other Omegazords to form the head and upper torso of the Omega Megazord.


Red Rescue Blaster

Rescue Blaster
The Rescue Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Lightspeed Ranger. Each blaster is equipped with a baton and blaster mode.

Red V Lancer

The V-Lancer was created when Carter and the other Lightspeed Rangers old weapons weren’t strong enough to go up against the Titanium Ranger. The V-Lancer has a lance and blaster mode and when used together form a powerful blast to finish off monsters.

Battle Boosters

Battle Booster
The Battle Booster was created to power-up weapons and zords. The Battle Booster also lets Carter and the other Lightspeed Rangers control the Max Solarzord.

Thermo Blaster Red

Thermo Blaster
The Thermo Blaster was created to fire an intense blast of heat at monsters. The Thermo Blaster can combine with the Battle Boosters for even more power.


Trans Armor Battle Mode

Trans-Armor Cycle Armor Mode
The Trans-Armor Cycle Armor is used by Carter when he combines with the Trans-Armor Cycle.


Lightspeed Cycle With Rescue Speeder

Red Lightspeed Cycle
The Red Lightspeed Cycle is used by Carter whenever the Rescue Rover isn’t fast enough. The Red Lightspeed Cycle also has strong blasting power.

Red Mobile Armor Vehicle

Red Mobile Armor Vehicle
The Red Armor Vehicle is used by Carter whenever he needs to travel in the air. The Red Mobile Armor Vehicle has a strong missile attack.

Trans-Armor Cycle
The Trans-Armor Cycle is a speedy motorcycle Carter combines with to form a Battlizer-like armor.

Later Appearances

Time Force
Carter comes to Silver Hills to aid the Time Force Rangers in defeating a resurrected Vypra.


Wild Force
Carter is recruited with the other Red Rangers at the time to stop the Machine Empire Remnants from digging up Serpentera. Carter was also in charge of picking up and debriefing Cole on information pertaining to the other Red Rangers.


Super Megaforce
Carter helped some civilians in the destruction zone. Carter is later seen aiding the Mega Rangers in defeating the last wave of X-Borgs.