Ryan Mitchell, Titanium Ranger


Name: Ryan Mitchell
Ranger: Titanium Ranger
Actor: Rhett Fisher
Episodes: 15
First Appearance: “From Deep In The Shadows″
Last Appearance: “Time For Lightspeed”
Sentai: Kyukyu Sentai GoGo-V
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

As a child, Ryan was in a car crash that nearly had him fall off a cliff. It was only due to his father Captain Mitchell making a deal with Diabolico that Ryan is able to avoid death. However, due to the deal, Captain Mitchell made with Diabolico, Ryan was brought under the care of Diabolico who trained him to be evil up until his twentieth birthday. On said day, Ryan snuck into Lightspeed Rescue and stole the Titanium Morpher and used its power for revenge. Eventually, Ryan is able to remember what happened that day and leaves the services of Diabolico. As revenge, Diabolico curses Ryan with a Cobra Tattoo that slowly drains his life force every time he morphs. However, Ryan is able to break this curse and shortly after leaves Lightspeed Rescue in order to find a way to seal away the demons.


Max Solarzord Max Solarzord Warrior Mode

Max Solarzord
The Max Solarzord is the personal zord of the Titanium Ranger and is designed after a space shuttle. The Max Solarzord has the ability to transform into a humanoid form and can combine with the Lightspeed Megazord to form the Lightspeed Solarzord.


 Titanium Axe

Titanium Laser/Titanium Axe
The Titanium Laser is the primary weapon of the Titanium Ranger that has strong blasting power. The Titanium Laser has the ability to transform into an Axe Mode.

Later Appearances


Time Force
Ryan comes to Silver Hills to aid the Time Force Rangers in defeating a resurrected Vypra.