Season 8 (2000)

Queen Bansheera
Played by: Diane Salinger
The Queen was off in unknown parts but returned as a ghostly form but e ventually retained her original state.  When Impur matrures she would advise him on his attacks on the Rangers.

Impus/Prince Olympius
Played by: Brianne Siddall, Michael Forest
Impus, son of Queen Bansheera was cared for by the trio of demons until Dialbolico was destroyed, his star power was given to Impus, which made him grow into an adult form Olympius and took over control of the demons.

Played by: Kim Strauss
Jinxer summons monsters to assist Diabolico in destroying Mariner Bay.

Played by: Neil Kaplan
Diabolico was one of four demons released from an underground tomb that took over business for Queen Bansheera. He vowed revenge on Mariner Bay to restore the palace that Mariner Bay was built on. After he was destroyed and Resurrected, he vowed revenge on the treacherous Olympius.

Played by: Jennifer L. Yen (Wen Yann Shih Eps 2-3)
The second of the four demons released from the tomb played the motherly role while Queen Bansheera was gone.  Vypra was killed by Queen Bansheera, who absorbed her energy to gain a bodily form.

Played by: David Lodge
A brawny demon bent on destroying what man has built over the demon palace.
However, he was considered expendable to Queen Bansheera.

Winged bat-like foot-soliders who carry sort swords in battle.

Trakeena’s Revenge

Played by: Jennifer Burns
Trakeena survived the battle with the Galaxy Rangers on Terra Venture, and has made her way to Earth to destroy their home world.
Her plan to darain energy was thwarted by the team up of Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers

Now that her Sting Wingers were destroyed Trakeena called upon these cloaked figures who wielded swords.