VIII. Villains


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Queen Bansheera Spirit Queen Bansheera Half Bodily Form Queen Bansheera Bodily Form

Queen Bansheera
Voiced By: Diane Salinger
Queen Bansheera was off at unknown parts at the beginning of the series. She left Diabolico to lead her forces until he is destroyed and her son Olympius took over for a short time up until the demon Spellbinder is able to bring her to this dimension. However, the spell was interrupted by the Lightspeed Rangers and only half of her body was able to make it through. She eventually was able to regain her bodily form after stealing Vypra’s life force. After regaining her bodily form, Queen Bansheera is shown not to care for any of  her followers and used them to accomplish her goals which is to open the gates to the Shadow World and raise an army of demons into the real world. Her plans does however fail and she is sent to the Shadow World herself by her once loyal follower Diabolico.

Diabolico Super Demon Diabolico

Voiced By: Neil Kaplan
Diabolico lead Queen Bansheera’s army while she was away at unknown parts and tried in any way to take over Mariner Bay. He even went as far as challenging the Lightspeed Rangers himself and ended up being destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord. He does come back however thanks to Vypra & Loki and starts a rivalry with Olympius. After learning that Queen Bansheera thinks that he is expendable, he leaves her services but is taken back and brainwashed by Bansheera to battle the Lightspeed Rangers and is transformed into a Super Demon. He succeeds in destroying and damaging most of the Lightspeed Rangers Megazords that is until he is destroyed by the newly built Lifeforce Megazord. Diabolico is last seen in the Shadow World aiding the Lightspeed Ranger by sending Queen Bansheera to the Shadow World.


Voiced By: Brianne Siddall
The young son of Queen Bansheera, the demons were in charge of keeping little Impus safe until the Queen’s return. Impus was also next in line to gain the star power which he did gain after Diabolico is destroyed and transformed him into Olympius.

Prince Olympius Shadow King Olympius Super Demon Olympius

Prince Olympius
Voiced By: Michael Forest
Olympius came to be after Impus gained the star power after Diabolico is destroyed and took over the task of taking over Mariner Bay. Olympius is shown to have many new abilities after gaining the star power including being able to send the Lightspeed Rangers to a dimension where his demons were more powerful during giant battles. Olympius, after feeling threatened by Loki & Vypra tricked them into a false sense of comfort and used his monster Vilevine to bury them alive. This motivated them to resurrect Diabolico and the two started a fierce rivalry. Olympius is eventually upped by Diabolico during one of his plans to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers and was trapped in the Shadow World for a short time up until he absorbed the monsters energies which gave him a powered up form. He is thought to be destroyed by the Lightspeed Rangers but was only injured. After regaining his strength, he brings a captured Diabolico to the Skull Cavern and is sent alongside a brainwashed Diabolico to battle the Lightspeed Rangers. He is destroyed however but is revived as a Super Demon. He succeeds in destroying and damaging most of the Lightspeed Rangers Megazords that is until he is destroyed by the newly built Lifeforce Megazord.


Played By: Jennifer Yen
Vypra serves as a loyal follower of Queen Bansheera. After Olympius betrays her and Loki, she decides to resurrect Diabolico and uses him to take on Olympius. After constant failure on her part, Queen Bansheera decides to take her lifeforce as punishment.


Voiced By: David Lodge
Like Vypra, Loki serves as a loyal follower of Queen Bansheera up until Queen Bansheera uses him to lure the Lightspeed Rangers to the Skull Cavern where he is sacrificed during an attempt to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers.

Jinxer Mister Mesmer

Voiced By: Kim Strauss
Jinxer is the one responsible for bringing monster cards to life as well as making monsters grow. During Queen Bansherra’s final assault of Mariner Bay, he sneaks Batlings into the Aquabase and pilots the Omega Megazord to get stones in place for a ceremony that will open the gates to the Shadow World. He is presumably destroyed after the destruction of the Omega Megazord with him in it.


The Batlings serve as footsoldiers to Queen Bansheera and her followers.


Scarred Trakeena Demon Trakeena

Played By: Jennifer Burns
Trakeena survived her battle with the Galaxy Rangers and teamed up with the demon Triskull to drain the life force out of  the citizens of Mariner Bay so that she would be able to mutate back into her bug-like form again. She fails in doing so however thanks to Olympius poisoning the life force and mutates into a giant demon creature that was only able to be destroyed by the Omega Megazord powered up with the Lights Of Orion.


Voiced By: Michael Sorich
Originally thought to be stealing humans life force for Queen Bansheera, he was really working with Trakeena to steal life force so that she would be able to use that energy to mutate back into her bug form. He is destroyed by the combine efforts of the Red Galaxy & Lightspeed Rangers.


With her Stingwingers depleted, Trakeena relied on the Ghouls to use as her footsoldiers.