Wild Force

Animaria Inhabitants

Princess Shayla

Princess Shayla
Played By: Ann Marie Crouch
Princess Shayla was the princess of an ancient civilization known as Animaria three thousand years ago. During the war against the Orgs, Princess Shayla was put into a deep sleep and casted into the sky along with a piece of the Animaria and five Wildzords. After being woken up when the Org Army is resurrected, Princess Shayla mentors five chosen humans to become Wild Force Rangers.

Played By: Ryan Goldstein
Voiced By: Charles Gideon Davis
Animus is the ancestor of the Wild Force Megazord who was destroyed by the original Master Org three thousand years ago. He is reincarnated as a young boy named Kite that first appeared to aide the Wild Force Rangers in obtaining the Falcon Wildzord. He reappeared later in the series as a homeless boy who befriends the Wild Force Rangers.

Turtle Cove Residents


Played By: Sandra McCoy
Kendall works at the flower shop Danny also worked at prior to becoming a Wild Force Ranger.


Played By: J.D. Hall
Willie is the owner of Willie’s Road House, a bar that Merrick works and lives at.


Time Force Rangers
Played By: Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Michael Copon,
Kevin Klienberg, Deborah Estelle Phillips, & Dan Southworth
The Time Force Rangers travel to Turtle Cove to aide the Wild Force Rangers in defeating the Mut-Orgs.

Ransik & Nadira

Ransik & Nadira
Played By: Vernon Wells & Kate Sheldon
Ransik & Nadira traveled to the year 2002 to aide the Time Force and Wild Force Rangers in defeating the Mut-Orgs.

Red Rangers

Red Rangers
Played By: Austin St. John, Jason David Frank, Selwyn Ward, Christopher Khayman Lee, Danny Slavin, Sean Cw Johnson, Jason Faunt, & Dan Southworth
Every Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ to Wild Force teamed up to defeat the Machine Empire Generals.

Bulk & Skull

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
Bulk & Skull are shown to own a Bahamanian-styled club that Tommy is shown to be a patron of.