Season 10

Princess  Shayla
Played by; Ann Marie Crouch 
Princess Shayla is the Princess of the Animarium, a floating landmass that is the last remnant of the lost world of Animaria. She is also the  adviser & the mentor to the Wild Force Rangers. After the defeats of Animus and Master Org, she fell asleep for centuries. 3,000 years later, she was reawakened along with the Org spirits by the pollution caused by humans.

A  god-like Megazord, who Princess Shayla said was the direct ancestor of the Rangers’ Wild Force Megazord. He usually aided the Rangers when they needed him the most.

Played by: Ryan Goldstein
Kite is the human incarnation of Animus. At first he had no recollection of who he was, but when he realized it he tested the Rangers by taking away their Zords.

Played by: Sandra McCoy
Kendall is Danny’s love interest as they both worked in the same flower shop. When an org attacked her Kendall discovered Danny’s identity as the Black Ranger.

Played by: J.D. Hall
Merrick finds a home at Willie’s Road House and the two occasionally shoot pool together.

Time Force Rangers
When Mutorgs from the future threaten Earth the Time Force Rangers return from the future to assist the Wild Force Rangers.

Ransik and Nadira
Played by: Vernon Wells & Kate Sheldon
The former villains team up with the Time Force Rangers to battle the Mutorgs. Ransik is able to destroy the mutant part in them but ends up destroying the mutant half inside him.

Red Rangers
9 former Red Rangers team up with Cole in order to prevent the Machine Empire’s remaining generals from unearthing Lord Zedd’s personal Zord, Serpenterra, on the Moon.

Bulk & Skull
Played by: Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy
Bulk & Skull somehow reuinite on Earth and end up running a bahama style bar called Bulkmeyers!