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Animaria Inhabitants

Princess Shayla

Princess Shayla
Played By: Ann Marie Crouch
Princess Shayla was the princess of an ancient civilization known as Animaria three thousand years ago. During the war against the Orgs, Princess Shayla was put into a deep sleep and casted into the sky along with a piece of the Animaria and five Wildzords. After being woken up when the Org Army is resurrected, Princess Shayla mentors five chosen humans to become Wild Force Rangers.

Kite Animus

Played By: Ryan Goldstein
Voiced By: Charles Gideon Davis
Animus is the ancestor of the Wild Force Megazord who was destroyed by the original Master Org three thousand years ago. He is reincarnated as a young boy named Kite that first appeared to aide the Wild Force Rangers in obtaining the Falcon Wildzord. He reappeared later in the series as a homeless boy who befriends the Wild Force Rangers.

Turtle Cove Residents


Played By: Sandra McCoy
Kendall works at the flower shop Danny also worked at prior to becoming a Wild Force Ranger.


Played By: J.D. Hall
Willie is the owner of Willie’s Road House, a bar that Merrick works and lives at.


Played By: Eddie Mekka
Don was Max’s Bowling Coach before he became a Power Ranger. He later teaches Max the Tornado Spin in order to defeat Bowling Org.


Red Time Force Ranger Blue Time Force Ranger Green Time Force Ranger

Yellow Time Force Ranger Pink Time Force Ranger Quantum Ranger

Time Force Rangers
Played By: Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Michael Copon,
Kevin Klienberg, Deborah Estelle Phillips, & Dan Southworth
The Time Force Rangers travel to Turtle Cove to aide the Wild Force Rangers in defeating the Mut-Orgs.

Ransik & Nadira

Ransik & Nadira
Played By: Vernon Wells & Kate Sheldon
Ransik & Nadira traveled to the year 2002 to aide the Time Force Ranger & Wild Force Rangers in defeating the Mut-Orgs. Ransik aides the two teams by weakening the Mut-Orgs by destroying their Mutant half which also turns him into a human.

MMPR Red WF Aquitian Red WF Zeo Red WF Turbo Red WF Space Red WF

Galaxy Red WF Lightspeed Red WF Time Force Red WF Quantum WF

Red Rangers
Played By: Austin St. John, Jason David Frank, Selwyn Ward, Christopher Khayman Lee, Danny Slavin, Sean Cw Johnson, Jason Faunt, & Dan Southworth
Every Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ to Wild Force teamed up to defeat the Machine Empire Generals.

Bulk & Skull

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
Bulk & Skull are shown to own and run an outdoor cafe. They are the ones responsible for giving Tommy the message pertaining to the Machine Empire digging up Serpentera on the Moon.