Growl Phone
Morpher used by the Wild Force Rangers to transform with the call of “Wild Access!”

Lunar Caller
Enables Merrick to morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger when he shouts “Wild Access!”

Power Animal Crystals
To summon the Wild Zords from the Animarium, the crystals are placed in the Crystal Sabers.
The Rangers call “Wild Zords, Descend!”  to summon each Zord.

Crystal Saber
Each Wild Force Ranger is equipped with a Crystal Saber which is powered by
placing Power Animal Crystals in the center to power their respective Zords.

Each Wild Force Rangers’ gloves are armed with claws for close range attacks.

Red Lion Fang
Fashioned like a boxing glove, this is the Red Ranger’s main weapon.

 Golden Eagle Sword
The Yellow Ranger’s primary weapon is a stylized blade.

Blue Shark Fighting Fins
Two blue daggers in the shape of shark fins are the Blue Ranger’s primary weapon.

Black Bison Axe
A two bladed axe is the Black Ranger’s primary weapon.

White Tiger Baton
A white baton adorned with a tiger head is the White Ranger’s primary weapon.

Jungle Sword
When the Five Wild Force Rangers’ weapons combine they create the Jungle Sword.
The Rangers combine powers into a destructive finishing slash!

Lunar Cue
The Lunar Wolf Ranger’s main weapon, and has 3 Modes: Saber Mode, Sniper Mode and Break Mode.
Merrick uses his Power Animal Crystals as pool balls and shoots them with the Cue.

The Falconator 
The Red Ranger’s Secondary weapon, which resembles a crossbow.
* Power Ranger Exclusive * 

Armadillo Puck
The Yellow Ranger’s Secondary weapon which resembles a puck.
* Power Ranger Exclusive * 

Sword of Pardolis
The Blue Ranger’s Secondary weapon in the likeness of the Giraffe Zord.
* Power Ranger Exclusive * 

 The Rhino Shooter
The Black Ranger’s Secondary weapon which resembles a cyan rifle.
* Power Ranger Exclusive * 

Deer Clutcher
The White Ranger’s Secondary weapon in the likeness of the Deer Zord resembling a grappler.
* Power Ranger Exclusive * 

The Jungle Blaster
The combination of the Wild Force Rangers’ secondary weapons.
* Power Ranger Exclusive * 

Lion Blaster
The Red Lion Wild Zord gave the Red Lion Fang the ability to transform into
the Lion Blaster which can be in gattling or cannon mode.

The Falcon Summoner
Used to summon the Falcon Zord, this weapon can be in blaster or bow mode.

Savage Cycles
Motorcycles given to each Ranger by their Wild Zords

Wild Force Rider
Given to Cole, the Red Wild Force Ranger by Animus costing him his Savage Cycle.
Was used to destroy Serpentera in “Forever Red”

Animarium Buckle
Cole, the Red Wild Force Ranger uses this to morph into the Red Savage Ranger

The Animarium Armor
This armor is granted to the Red Wild Force Ranger who then morphs into the Red Savage Warrior
Upon receiving this power, Cole also receives the Falcon Summoner which controls the Falcon Wild Zord.