X. Locations


Wild Force Logo

Turtle Cove

Animarium Animarium Interior

Originally a piece of the ancient civilization known as Animaria, the Animarium was lifted into the sky with the Wild Zords and Princess Shayla so that if Master Org would ever return, five new Wild Force Rangers could be chosen.

Willie's Roadhouse Willie's Roadhouse Interior

Willie’s Roadhouse
Willie’s Roadhouse is a bar that Merrick lived and was employed at.

Turtle Cove University Turtle Cove University Interior

Turtle Cove University
Turtle Cove University is the college attended by Alyssa Enrile, the White Wild Force Ranger.

Org Nexus Portal Org Nexus

Org Nexus
The Org Nexus is the place where all Org Spirits are born.

Angel Grove

Bulkmeier's Bulkmeier's Interior

Bulkmeier’s is a resort that is owned and ran by Bulk & Skull.


NASADA is a space program located in Angel Grove that the Red Rangers of Earth met to venture to the Moon to defeat the remnants of the Machine Empire.

Astro Megaship Mark II Astro Megaship Mark II Interior

Astro Megaship Mark II
The Astro Megaship Mark II is used by the Red Rangers of Earth to travel to the Moon to stop the Machine Empire from using Serpentera.


Machine Generals Moonbase Machine Generals Moonbase Interior

Machine General’s Moonbase
This factory was used as the Machine Empire Generals base of operations while they were digging up Serpentera on the moon.