Cole Evans, Red Wild Force Ranger

Wild Force Red

Name: Cole Evans
Ranger: Red Wild Force Ranger
Actor: Ricardo Medina Jr.
Episodes: 40
First Appearance: “Lionheart″
Last Appearance: “The End Of The Power Rangers: Part 2”
Sentai: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Producer: Saban & Disney

Cole Evans

Character Bio

When Cole is first introduced, he is seen leaving the jungle from which he was raised to venture the world looking for his parents. During his excursion through Turtle Cove, he is found by the four Wild Force Rangers and is forcibly brought to the Animarium. After he wakes up from being knocked out by Taylor, he meets the Red Lion Wildzord and is chosen by the Red Lion to be the Red Wild Force Ranger. Cole is shown to be a bit naive when it comes to modern things, due to him being raised in the jungle and is also shown to have the ability to communicate with the Wildzords. As the series progresses, it is revealed that Cole’s parents were killed by Master Org, who was formally known as Viktor Adler who was colleague of Cole’s Mother & Father. After Cole and the Wild Force Rangers defeat Master Org, Cole decided to use his talents to help animals in need wherever he roamed.


Red Lion Wildzord

Red Lion Wildzord
The Red Lion Wildzord is the primary zord of Cole, The Red Wild Force Ranger. The Red Lion Wildzord can combine with the other primary Wildzords to form the body of  the Wild Force Megazord.

Gorilla Wildzord

Gorilla Wildzord
The Gorilla Wildzord is awakened after Master Org destroyed the Soul Birds nest. The Gorilla Wildzord has the ability to grow trees of bananas and fling the bananas at its opponents. The Gorilla Wildzord forms the head and torso of all the Kongazord formations.

Falcon Wildzord

Falcon Wildzord
The Falcon Wildzord is freed from its volcanic prison when Cole is given the Falcon Summoner. The Falcon Wildzord forms the head and main torso of the Isis Megazord.


Red Lion Fang Lion Blaster

Red Lion Fang/Lion Blaster
The Red Lion Fang is the personal weapon of the Red Wild Force Ranger. The Red Lion Fang can combine with the other Wild Force Rangers weapons to form the Jungle Sword. The Red Lion Fang has the ability to transform into a blaster-like mode. In this mode, the Lion Blaster can fire a blast of energy at oncoming Orgs.

Falcon Summoner Falcon Summoner Crossbow Mode

Falcon Summoner
The Falcon Summoner is given to Cole after Max, Danny, Taylor, & Alyssa solved a puzzle given to them by Kite. The Falcon Summoner can be used by Cole as a bow-like weapon and is used to summon the Falcon Wildzord.


This crossbow-like weapon is used by Cole and can combine with the other Wild Force Rangers weapons to form the Jungle Blaster.

Crystal Saber Red

Crystal Saber
The Crystal Saber is the standard weapon of each Wild Force Ranger. Each Wild Force Ranger can use the power of their Animal Crystals to summon their Wildzords from the Animarium.


Red Savage Warrior

Red Savage Warrior Armor
The Red Savage Warrior Armor is given to Cole after his comrades solve a puzzle designed by Kite. In this form, Cole could harness the powers of the Falcon Wildzord and uses it to battle his enemies.


Red Savage Cycle

Red Savage Cycle
The Red Savage Cycle was created by the Red Lion Wildzord so that Cole could catch up to the Tire Org who had kidnapped Princess Shayla. The Red Savage Cycle was destroyed while trying to save Kite from an Org attack.

Wild Force Rider

Wild Force Rider
The Wild Force Rider is given to Cole by Kite after his Red Savage Cycle was destroyed. The Wild Force Rider has the ability to fly.