Merrick Baliton, Lunar Wolf Ranger

Lunar Wolf

Name: Merrick Baliton
: Lunar Wolf Ranger
Actor: Phillip Andrew
Episodes: 30
First Appearance: “Curse Of The Wolf″
Last Appearance: “The End Of The Power Rangers: Part 2”
Sentai: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Producer: Saban & Disney


Character Bio

Three thousand years ago, Merrick was one of the six guardian of the Animarium and the guardian of Princess Shayla. Merrick had a forbidden and secret relationship with the Princess, but that didn’t stop them from being apart of activities like singing to the Deer Zord every morning. When the first Master Org began his first attack, he brought Princess Shayla to the Animarium so that he and the five guardians could release the Animarium into the sky, just in case she and the Wildzords were needed one day. After the Princess is safe, Merrick goes to the General Org Nayzor’s Temple to retrieve the Cursed Wolf Mask so that he had enough power to defeat Master Org and succeeds. However, the curse take full effect and he is turned into Zen-Aku and is imprisoned by his teammates inside a tomb where he slept for three thousand years. In present day, Nayzor releases Zen-Aku and he causes chaos for the rangers. He is eventually freed of his curse and the Wolf  Wildzord gives him the power to morph into the Lunar Wolf Wild Force Ranger. He does not join the team,but  he is shown to help the rangers when needed. Merrick hangs out at a bar where the owner let’s him keep board in exchange for work. Merrick also is shown to keep his distance from Princess Shayla due to failing her three thousand years ago. However, when the Deer Zord joins the team, he plays his flute for the Deer Wildzord while Princess Shayla sings every morning. After Merrick and the Wild Force Rangers defeat Master Org, Merrick decided to go wherever the wind took him and goes with a revived Zen-Aku.


Wolf Wildzord

Wolf Wildzord
The Wolf Wildzord is the primary zord of Merrick, The Lunar Wolf Wild Force Ranger. The Wolf Wildzord forms the left arm of the Predazord.

Hammerhead Shark Wildzord

Hammerhead Shark Wildzord
The Hammerhead Shark Wildzord is one of Merrick’s secondary Wildzords. The Hammerhead Shark Wildzord forms the right arm of the Predazord.

Alligator Wildzord

Alligator Wildzord
The Alligator Wildzord is one of Merrick’s secondary Wildzords. The Alligator Wildzord forms the head, torso, and legs of the Predazord.


Lunar Cue Saber Mode Lunar Cue Blaster Mode

Lunar Cue
The Lunar Cue is the primary weapon of Merrick, The Lunar Wolf Ranger. The Lunar Cue has three modes, Saber Mode, Sniper Mode and Break Mode. Merrick also uses the Lunar Cue to summons his Wildzords.


Wolf Savage Cycle

Wolf Savage Cycle
The Wolf Savage Cycle was created by the Wolf Wildzord so that Merrick could defeat the General Org Necronomica.

Other Forms


Voiced By: Dan Woren & Lex Lang
Merrick transformed into Zen-Aku after using the Cursed Wolf Mask to destroy the Original Master Org. Merrick is freed from Zen-Aku after the Wild Force Rangers destroy his cursed zords.