Taylor Earhardt, Yellow Wild Force Ranger

Wild Force Yellow

Name: Taylor Earhardt
Ranger: Yellow Wild Force Ranger
Actor: Alyson Kiperman
Episodes: 40
First Appearance: “Lionheart″
Last Appearance: “The End Of The Power Rangers: Part 2”
Sentai: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Producer: Saban & Disney


Character Bio

As a young child, Taylor spotted the Yellow Eagle Wildzord while on an Airplane and from then on, she aspired to find the Animarium. Years later, Taylor enrolled into the Air Force as a pilot and while on a mission, her engine was failing which forced her to eject. She landed on the Animarium and was greeted by Princess Shayla who told her she was chosen by the Yellow Eagle Wildzord to be the Yellow Wild Force Ranger. From then on, she led the team leader until Cole was chosen to be the Red Wild Force Ranger. Taylor is shown to be by the books when it comes to how the team goes into battle, even going as far as making a set of rules and regulation the team had to follow before Cole put an end to that. After Taylor and the Wild Force Rangers defeat Master Org, Taylor decided enroll back into the Air Force.


Yellow Eagle Wildzord

Yellow Eagle Wildzord
The Yellow Eagle Wildzord is the primary zord of Taylor, The Yellow Wild Force Ranger. The Yellow Eagle Wildzord forms the head of the Wild Force Megazord and the Waist of the Kongazord.

Black Bear & Polar Bear Wildzord

Black Bear & Polar Bear Wildzords
Nicknamed “The Bear Brothers”, these two Wildzords were disguised as twin brothers that unleashed their true powers from two flowers Taylor gave them. The Polar Bear Wildzord can fire a blast of cold energy while the Black Bear can fire a blast of hot energy. The Bear Brothers form the arms of the Kongazord.


Golden Eagle Sword

Golden Eagle Sword
The Golden Eagle Sword is the personal weapon of the Yellow Wild Force Ranger. The Golden Eagle Sword can combine with the other Wild Force Rangers weapons to form the Jungle Sword.

Armadillo Puck

Armadillo Puck
This puck-like weapon is used by Taylor and can combine with the other Wild Force Rangers weapons to form the Jungle Blaster.

Crystal Saber Yellow

Crystal Saber
The Crystal Saber is the standard weapon of each Wild Force Ranger. Each Wild Force Ranger can use the power of their Animal Crystals to summon their Wildzords from the Animarium.


Yellow Savage Cycle

Yellow Savage Cycle
The Yellow Savage Cycle was created by the Yellow Eagle Wildzord so that Taylor could catch up to the Tire Org who had kidnapped Princess Shayla.