Season 10 (2002)

Master Org
Played by: Ilia Volok
The commander of the Org forces on Earth; he is the reincarnation of the ancient Master Org from 3,000 years ago.
He was once Doctor Viktor Adler, but he consumed the remains of the original Master Org to become a Org himself, a secret he closely and viciously guarded.

Played by: Richard Cansino & Danny Wayne Stallcup
Jester/Clown-like Duke Org, self-proclaimed ‘Master of Blades’, uses knives and swords in battle.
Had a strange crush on Princess Shayla & a friendship and deep love for Toxica.

Played by: Sin Wong
A sorceress Duke Org who is armed with a staff that releases beams that make Orgs grow.
She uses Nayzor’s crown to temporarily transform into a General Org, Necronomica.

Played by: Michael Sorich
An eye-themed General Org and bodyguard to Master Org.
He wields an axe that can combine with the other generals’ weapons to form the Nexus Blade.

Played by: Ken Merckx
A nose-themed General Org, who freed the Duke Org, Zen-Aku.
He uses a paper fan in normal form that can combine with the other generals’ weapons to form the Nexus Blade and uses a clawed staff in Super form

Played by: (male voice by) Ezra Weisz, (female voice by) Barbara Goodson
A Hermaphroditic mouth-themed General Org, takes Master Org’s place in the middle of the series. His upper mouth speaks with a female’s voice while lower mouth speaks with a male’s voice.   He uses a large fork and knife as weapons that can combine with the two other generals’ weapons to form the Nexus Blade

Played by:  Dan Woren, and later by Lex Lang
A wolf Duke Org sealed in a mask; possessed Merrick until the spell was broken. he comes back to life to battle Merrick and is destroyed by the combined strengths of the Wild Force Megazord Striker Mode and Predazord.

Artilla & Helicos
Played by: Michael Sorich & Dave Mallow
A tank and helicopter themed Duke Orgs  that were freed by Mandilok.

Played by: Patrick Thomas
Juggelo is Jindrax’s brother, His attacks are so weak that he has no strength.

Played by: Dan Woren
A Duke Org who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to aid Mandilok. However, he was actually working for Master Org, preparing things for his return. He succeeded in capturing Princess Shayla, getting rid of Toxica, and setting up Mandilok to be destroyed.

Shadow Rangers 
Onikage used his Ninja Powers to create shadow clones of the Wild Force Rangers. Not only did they mirror their moves, but when the Rangers attacked them they also damaged themselves!  When Onikage was destroyed with the Falcon Summoner, the evil Rangers disappeared.

This endless Org army arises from slime to battle the Rangers with clubs in their hands

Forever Red

The Machine Empire Generals
5 Generals from the fallen Machine Empire have reorganized and plan to dig up Lord Zedd’s old Zord on the Moon.

Lord Zedd’s ultimate Zord was dug up on the Moon and unleashed on the Red Ranger Legacy only to be taken down by Cole, Red Wild Force Ranger

*some info take from Power Rangers Wiki