The Allies

The Allies

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Played By: Bryan Cranston
Zordon is the wise mentor of the Power Rangers.

Alpha 5
Voiced By: Bill Hader
Alpha 5 is the robotic aide of Zordon and the Power Rangers.

Family Members

Sam Scott
Played By: David Denman
Sam Scott is the father of Jason, the Red Ranger.

Beverly Scott
Played By: Crystal Cave
Beverly Scott is the mother of Jason, the Red Ranger.

Pearl Scott
Played By: Kayden Magnuson
Pearl Scott is the younger sister of Jason, the Red Ranger.

Candace Cranston
Played By: Lisa Berry
Candace Cranston is the mother of Billy, the Blue Ranger.

Played By: Fiona Fu
Mrs.Taylor is the mother of Zack, the Black Ranger.

Played By: Patrick Sabongui
Mr.Kwan is the father of Trini, the Yellow Ranger.

Maddy Hart
Played By: Anjali Jay
Maddy Hart is the mother of Kimberly, the Pink Ranger.