The Allies

The Allies

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Played By: Bryan Cranston
Zordon was the former Red Ranger that was betrayed and killed by Rita Repulsa, the former Green Ranger. Fortunately, Alpha 5 was able to upload his consciousness into his ship and is awoken when the five teen that found the Power Coins stumble upon the Command Center. Originally, Zordon wanted to use the five teen so that he could use their power to free himself from the Morphin’ Grid. However, when Billy dies and the rest of the team proves themselves to be a team, Zordon sacrifices his chance of becoming corporeal again and revives Billy.

Alpha 5
Voiced By: Bill Hader
Alpha 5 is the robotic aide of Zordon that was in charge of training the five teens that found the Power Coins so that they would be able to morph into Power Rangers.


Original Yellow Ranger
Played By: Fiona Vroom
This unknown alien woman was the original Yellow Ranger on Zordon’s team of Power Rangers. After giving her Power Coin to Zordon, she is killed by Rita Repulsa.

Family Members

Sam Scott
Played By: David Denman
Sam Scott is the father of Jason, the Red Ranger.

Candace Cranston
Played By: Lisa Berry
Candace Cranston is the mother of Billy, the Blue Ranger.

Played By: Fiona Fu
Mrs.Taylor is the mother of Zack, the Black Ranger.

Trini’s Dad
Played By: Patrick Sabongui
Trini’s Dad is the father of Trini, the Yellow Ranger.

Played By: Erica Cerra
June is the mother of Trini, the Yellow Ranger.

Trini’s Brothers
Played By: Enrique Lopez & Jackson Mitchell Croom
These two are the brothers of Trini, the Yellow Ranger.