The Allies


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Mick Kanic
Played By: Kelson Henderson
Mick is a shapeshifting friend of Brody’s that worked as a mechanic on the show Galaxy Warriors. After escaping with Brody & Redbot, Mick becomes the new teacher of Shop Class at Summer Cove High School and mentor to the Ninja Steel Rangers.

Voiced By: Byron Coll
Redbot is a robotic friend of Brody’s that worked on the show Galaxy Warriors before escaping with Brody & Mick with the Ninja Nexus Prism. After gaining his freedom, Redbot aids Mick in forging new Ninja Power Stars out of Ninja Steel.

Summer Cove Residents

Victor Vincent
Played By: Chris Reid
Victor Vincent is a student at Summer Cove High School. Victor Vincent is also a member of various athletic teams and Class President.

Played By: Caleb Bendit
Monty is a student at Summer Cove High School. Monty is also shown to be the loyal sidekick of Victor Vincent.

Principal Hastings
Played By: Amanda Billing
Principal Hastings is the principal of Summer Cove High School.

Played By: Claire Chitham
Mrs.Finch is a math teacher at Summer Cove High School.

Tom Mallaburn
Played By: Stanley Jackson
Tom is Levi Weston’s manager. He was also a red herring for the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger after Ripcon spotted the Gold Ninja Power Star inside his briefcase.

Family Members

Dane Romero
Played By: Mike Edward
Dane Romero is the father of Brody, the Red Ninja Steel Ranger. After retrieving the Ninja Nexus Star from the Ninja Nexus Prism, he is confronted by Galvanax and transforms into the first Red Ninja Steel Ranger. After slashing the Ninja Nexus Star into six pieces, Dane disappears into a puff of smoke.

Aiden Romero
Played By: Nick Beckwith
Aiden Romero is the brother of Brody, the Red Ninja Steel Ranger that eventually reunites with his brother after ten years of separation.

Marcus Tien
Played By: Mac Jeffrey Ong
Marcus Tien is the father of Preston, the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. Marcus is also a wealthy businessman in Summer Cove that wanted to cut down the Ribbon Tree in order to build a skyscraper. However, after seeing a ribbon he placed on the tree for Preston many years ago, he has a change of heart.