The Allies


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Mick Kanic
Played By: Kelson Henderson
Mick is a shape-shifting mechanic from the Lion Galaxy that was sold to Galvanax by the royal family to work on Galaxy Warriors twenty years ago. After escaping the Warrior Dome with Brody & Redbot, Mick becomes the new teacher of Shop Class at Summer Cove High School and mentor to the Ninja Steel Rangers. Mick is also in charge of melting down Ninja Steel into stars for the Ninja Nexus Prism to turn into Ninja Power Stars. After Brody splits the Red Ninja Power Star into three pieces, Mick retrieves one of the three new Red Ninja Power Stars and becomes a Red Ninja Ranger to defeat Galvanax. After Galvanax is defeated, Mick returns to his home planet.

Voiced By: Byron Coll
Redbot is a robotic friend of Brody’s that worked on the show Galaxy Warriors before escaping with Brody & Mick with the Ninja Nexus Prism. After gaining his freedom, Redbot aids Mick in forging new Ninja Power Stars out of Ninja Steel. It is later revealed that Redbot runs a blog where he writes stories about the Ninja Steel Rangers fights with him inserted into them.

Dane Romero
Played By: Mike Edward
Dane Romero is a skilled ninja and the father of Brody, the Red Ninja Steel Ranger, and Levi, the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger. After retrieving the Ninja Nexus Star from the Ninja Nexus Prism, he is confronted by Galvanax and transforms into the first Red Ninja Steel Ranger. After slashing the Ninja Nexus Star into six pieces, Dane disappears into a puff of smoke. It is later revealed that Dane Romero was trapped in the Ninja Nexus Prism after he split the Ninja Nexus Star into six pieces. After Brody splits his Red Ninja Power Star into three pieces, Dane escapes the Ninja Nexus Prism and assumes the powers of a Red Ninja Steel Ranger to defeat Galvanax.

Princess Viera
Played By: Ruby Love
Princess Viera is the newly appointed ruler of the Lion Galaxy that competed on Galaxy Warrior with her royal bodyguard, Drillion in order to prove herself as powerful. However, after Sarah shows her kindness and Drillion betrays her, Princess Viera decides to come to the aid of the Ninja Steel Rangers and defeat her former bodyguard with the Lion Fire Zord. After lending her power to Brody to defeat Drillion, Viera leaves the Earth and returns to the Lion Galaxy. Princess Viera later sends the Ninja Steel Rangers her Ninja Power Stars to use on a permanent basis and a magic wand and spellbook for Preston.

Summer Cove Residents

Victor Vincent & Monty
Played By: Chris Reid & Caleb Bendit
Victor Vincent & Monty are students at Summer Cove High School. Victor Vincent is a member of various athletic teams and class president while Monty is his loyal nerdy sidekick.

Principal Hastings
Played By: Amanda Billing
Principal Hastings is the principal of Summer Cove High School.

Played By: Claire Chitham
Mrs.Finch is a math teacher at Summer Cove High School.

Played By: Daniel Sing
The Mayor Of Summer Cove is shown to be at many events held in Summer Cove including a race at Lake Sunshine.

Santa Claus
Played By: John Sumner
Santa Claus comes to Summer Cove High School to assist Sarah in retrieving the Ninja Power Stars in the past in order to defeat Cleocatra.

Family Members

Marcus Tien
Played By: Mac Jeffrey Ong
Marcus Tien is the father of Preston, the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger. Marcus is also a wealthy businessman in Summer Cove that wanted to cut down the Ribbon Tree in order to build a skyscraper. However, after seeing a ribbon he placed on the tree for Preston many years ago, he has a change of heart.

Mr.Kanic & Mrs.Kanic
Played By: Peter Hayden & Andrea Kelland
Mr.Kanic & Mrs.Kanic are the parents of Mick Kanic from the Lion Galaxy that are able to communicate with their son after twenty years thanks to Princess Viera.

Jackie Thompson
Played By: Jodie Rimmer
Jackie Thompson is the mother of Sarah, the Pink Ninja Steel Ranger. Like her daughter, Jackie is shown to be a brilliant inventor shown in Sarah’s usage of one of her inventions to create a Ninja Power Star from a limited amount of Ninja Steel.