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Galaxy Warriors

Voiced By: Richard Simpson
Galvanax is the reigning champion of the intergalactic game show, Galaxy Warriors. Galvanax desires to obtain the Ninja Power Stars and sends his warrior contestants to Earth to steal them from the Ninja Steel Rangers.

Voiced By: Campbell Cooley
Ripcon is a warrior that works for Galvanax. After learning that the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger was being housed on the Warrior Dome, he is given the task of finding the person responsible and to capture the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger. During one altercation with the Ninja Steel Rangers, he loses one of his horns.

Madame Odius
Voiced By: Jacque Drew
Madame Odius is an adviser to Galvanax. Shortly after coming to Earth, Madame Odius obtains the Gold Ninja Power Star after capturing its owner Levi Weston and housed him in a secret room on the Warrior Dome in order to drain his energy. However, she loses the Gold Ninja Power Star after Levi escapes the Warrior Dome thanks to the Astro Zord.

Cosmo Royale
Voiced By: Campbell Cooley
Cosmo Royale is the charismatic host of Galaxy Warriors. He is also responsible for gigantifying warrior contestants and summoning Skullgators.

The Kudabots are blue robotic soldiers that are used by Galaxy Warrior Contestants as foot soldiers.

The Basherbots are blue robotic soldiers that resemble the Kudabots but are more powerful. They are used by Galaxy Warrior Contestants when extra muscle is needed.

The Skullgators are giant crocodile monsters summoned by Cosmo Royale when a monster doesn’t get enough votes to get gigantified.

The Buzzcams are responsible for recording fights for Galaxy Warriors.