The Locations


Ninja Steel Logo 

Summer Cove


Summer Cove High School
Summer Cove High School is the school attended by the Ninja Steel Rangers.


Mick’s Workshop
Originally a painting room for cars, Mick commandeered this room so that he could forge Ninja Power Stars out of Ninja Steel for the Ninja Steel Rangers.


Shop Class
The Shop Class located in Summer Cove High School is taught by Mick and is used as the base of operations for the Ninja Steel Rangers.


Romero Farm
This farm was the home of Brody, his father Dane & his brother Aiden. It was left untouched for 10 years after Galvanax obtains the Ninja Nexus Prism.

Galvanax’s Ship


Galvanax’s Ship
This ship is the headquarters of Galvanax and his warrior contestants.


Warrior Dome
The Warrior Dome is the main filming location for Galaxy Warriors.


Madame’s Odius’ Secret Room
Madame Odius has a secret room aboard Galvanax’s Ship which she used to drain energy from Levi Weston, the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger.