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Galaxy Warrior Contestants

“Return Of The Prism”
Lavagor challenged Korvaka for the chance to pull out one of the Ninja Power Stars from the Ninja Nexus Prism. He is defeated and destroyed by Korvaka.

Voiced By: Tim Raby
“Return Of The Prism”
Korvaka is first seen attempting to pull out a Ninja Power Star from the Ninja Nexus Prism. After Brody escapes from the ship with the Ninja Nexus Prism, Galvanax sends him to Earth to retrieve it. However, he is stopped and destroyed by the combined efforts of the newly morphed Red, Blue & Pink Ninja Steel Rangers.

Voiced By: Adrian Smith
“Forged In Steel”
Ripperrat is sent down by Cosmo Royale to retrieve the Ninja Steel from Mick, Hayley & Calvin. After being taken down by Brody’s Ninja Star Blades Final Attack, Ripperat is gigantifyed and the Ninja Steel Rangers destroy him with a combined blast from their Ninja Blasters.

Voiced By: Greg Ward
“Live And Learn”
Spinfeno is sent down to burn the Ninja Steel Rangers with his fire. Ironically, Spinferno is destroyed by a combined fire attack from the Element Stars.

Ripcon’s Mother
“Presto Change-O”
Ripcon’s Mother is a Galaxy Warrior that was rejected by Galvanax due to her being too ugly.

Voiced By: Ian Hughes
“Presto Change-O”
Slogre is chosen by Galvanax to fight the Ninja Steel Rangers in his place. Slogre uses his abilities to slow down Sarah, Calvin & Hayley in order to steal their Ninja Power Stars. However, Preston is able to use his magic to take them back and Preston & Brody are able to defeat him with a combined attack. He is gigantifyed by Cosmo Royale and is destroyed for good by the Ninja Steel Megazord Dragon Formation.

Voiced By: Jamie Linehan
“Drive To Survive”
Tangleweb is sent down to capture the Ninja Steel Rangers inside his backpack and succeeds in capturing Brody, Preston, Sarah & Hayley. However, this does not last long when Calvin is captured and uses the Mega Morph Cycle to escape. After escaping, the Ninja Steel Rangers take him down with combo attacks. He is gigantifyed and destroyed by the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord.

Voiced By: Kelson Henderson
“My Friend Redbot”
Badpipes uses his magic bagpipes in order to hypnotize the Ninja Steel Rangers into giving him their Ninja Power Stars. This fails however and he is taken down by a combined attack from Sarah & Preston. After being gigantifyed, Badpipes is destroyed by the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord.

Voiced By: Ian Hughes
“Hack Attack”
Hacktrack uses his techno hacking ability to steal Sarah’s cloning technology in order to create clones of Galvanax. However, Sarah tricks him into uploading a virus and the Ninja Steel Rangers are able to defeat him. He is gigantifyed however but is destroyed by Astro Ninja Steel Megazord.

Galaxy Warrior Contestant
“Gold Rush”
This unnamed contestant was sent to capture the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger. However, he fails at this and is destroyed by the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger.