Hayley Foster, White Ninja Steel Ranger

Name: Hayley Foster
Ranger: Ninja Steel White
Actor: Zoe Robins
First Appearance: “Return Of The Prism”
Last Appearance:
SentaiShuriken Sentai Ninninger
ProducerSaban & Nickelodeon

Character Bio

Hayley is lover of nature and animals shown in her love of her kodiak dog Kody. She is also the girlfriend of Calvin Maxwell, the Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger. After pulling the White Ninja Power Star from the Ninja Nexus Prism, Hayley becomes the White Ninja Steel Ranger.

Ninja Power Star

White Ninja Power Star
The White Ninja Power Star is the personal Power Star of the White Ninja Steel Ranger. Hayley pulls out the White Ninja Power Star from the Ninja Nexus Prism during an altercation with Ripperat.


Kodiak Zord
The Kodiak Zord is the personal zord of the White Ninja Steel Ranger.



Ninja Star Blade
The Ninja Star Blade is the standard melee weapon for each Ninja Steel Ranger.

Ninja Blaster
The Ninja Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Ninja Steel Ranger.


Kody is Hayley’s pet Kodiak Dog.


Ninja Training Gear
Hayley wears this Training Gear when training and improving her ninja skills.

Ninja Master Mode
Hayley can activate this mode while piloting the Ninja Steel Megazord.