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Preview Clips – Dino Super Charge Episode 4 “A Date With Danger”

Below Are Clips From The Upcoming Episode Of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge “A Date With Danger”.

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The GRID 80: “Attack of the Recolors!”

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to us on ITUNES!   Episode 80 of The GRID is here where we discuss such vital topics as New York Toy Fair and all that it revealed including the Upcoming Ninja Megazord, Black & Gold Dragonzord, Dino Super Charge Figures, Movie Communicators & More! We […]

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Kimberly, Pink Ranger To Get Her Own Solo Comic Mini-Series!

(Source) According to a new article published via the LA Times website; it was announced that a new spin-off comic mini-series based solely on Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger is on its way! BOOM! Studios who is best known for winning over Ranger fans with Mighty Morphin’ Comics #0 & the upcoming […]

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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger – SERIES REVIEW

Well, the ninja have ran wild all year. Now, their time (finally) is over and before the Zyuohger take the stage, let’s take a look back and give these Ninnincompoops what for! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger tells the story of the Igasaki cousins (also this American Ninja Bro) and their quests […]

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Power Morphicon

5 New Guests Announced For PMC5!

Six Guests Have Been Added To The PMC Roster!!!

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