New Images of Upcoming Legacy Movie Morphers!

(Source) More Images were found today, via the source above, which showcased the upcoming Individual Legacy Morphers! These Morphers are modeled after the “Tommy Movie Morpher” and will include Morphers for Kimberly, Rocky and Billy from the 1995 Movie! Do Not Confuse these new items with the new 2017 Movie, […]

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Frozen Ivan

Dino Super Charge Episode 1 “When Evil Stirs” Preview Clips

Below Are Clips From The Upcoming Premiere Of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge “When Evil Stirs”.

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Shout! Factory to Release Ninja Sentai Kakuranger on DVD May 17!

After the success of the DVD releases of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger & Gosei Sentai Dairanger; Shout!Factory during their Zyuranger Event Today announced that Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (the series in which MMPR Season 3 is loosely adapted from) will be the next Super Sentai DVD Release! The Complete Series is set […]

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Legacy Falconzord Box Art Revealed!

(Source) Today the first image of the Legacy Falconzord Packaging was revealed with an interesting movie related motif! What do you think of the packaging? I think it looks rather gorgeous and I can’t wait to add this to my collection! I’m also intrigued why they chose to go with […]

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Deinosuchus Zord Review – The Ranger Talk Review

Deinosuchus Zord Review Bandai of America, the great toy company that brings us all the toy versions of the items we see in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Thankfully the people at Bandai are very creative. They have created some US exclusive zords that were never released in Japan. The Deinosuchus Zord is […]

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The GRID 78: “GRID-Zilla!”

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to us on ITUNES! The GRID Episode 78: “GRID-Zilla!” Episode 78 of The GRID is here where we discuss such vital topics as Dino Super Charge’s upcoming episodes and New Toy Images, Ninja Steel in 2016, the MMPR Movie gets a new release date & rumored […]

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Possible Power Rangers Movie Logo Concepts Found?!

(Please Visit Mega Power Brasil For More Info) According to an article published by Mega Power Brasil possible concept art of the new Power Rangers Movie Logo may have been found. The article states, having been translated to English, that the Logos were found on Designer Manuel Messerli’s site who […]

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Mighty_Morphin_Power_Rangers_The_Movie_43046_Medium (1)

Power Rangers Movie Toys Coming Late 2016!

(Sources – Image / News) According to a new Bandai UK Toy Fair scan found today Bandai has signed on for the Power Rangers Movie Toyline which is set to hit shelves in Late 2016! This means that we will have two toy lines coincide with each other, as the […]

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Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Promo Released!

Thanks To IGN We Finally Have a Promo for January 30th’s Premiere of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge! Check It Out Above and Tell Us What You Think!

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ICYMI: New Images of Legacy Thunder Megazord / Box Art

In Case You Missed It Earlier This Week! Thanks to Bandai UK take a look at the Box Art of the Legacy Thunder Megazord! More Images have been released of the Toy in Action As Well!

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