Toei Trademarks “Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger” as 41st Super Sentai!

(Source) Today it was discovered that Toei Productions has trademarked a name for its 41st Super Sentai Series as Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger (宇宙戦隊キュウレンジャー) translated Uchuu means “space” while Kyuu is the Japanese number for 9, which may be correlated as the number of planets in our solar system. However, this (especially […]

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Rita Repulsa (MMPR S01)

3 New Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pops Coming Soon!

(Source) Just off the heels of Friday’s reveal of an Alpha 5 Walmart Funko Pop Exclusive; more Exclusives have been discovered! From a Hot Topic Employee / Anonymous Source on Reddit it  appears that a Metallic Pink Ranger, Metallic Red Ranger and Rita Repulsa will be coming soon Exclusively to Hot […]

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Premium Bandai Japan Unveils New Ranger Keys: 2000th Edition

Premium Bandai Japan has unveiled their “2000th Edition” Ranger Key sets to Celebrate the 2000th Episode of Super Sentai! These New Ranger Key sets include the Ranger Keys of KyoryuPink, AoNinger, ToQYonGo (as used by the Gokaigers in ZyuOhger Episode 28) and a vast array of  remaining Ninninger Ranger Keys! Pre-Orders […]

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Legacy Ninja Megazord & Legacy Red Ranger Helmet Box Art Revealed

(PowerRangerTalk & PowerRangersNow) Thanks to multiple sources, we have our first looks at box art for two upcoming toys from the Legacy Toy Line. The first is the Legacy Ninja Megazord sporting the MMPR Movie logo and the other is for the Legacy Red Ranger Helmet. Will you be picking […]

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Alpha 5

Wal-Mart Exclusive Alpha 5 Funko Pop Coming Soon!

(Source: @zeroflame16) According to some new Walmart Exclusive reveals an Alpha 5 Funko Pop is in the works! No Images just yet of this exclusive or of when it will hit store shelves, but stay tuned for more information! Will You Buy An Exclusive Alpha 5 Funko Pop?

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