Amanda Billing Cast as “Principal Hastings” in Ninja Steel!

(Source: The Power Scoop) Amanda Billing has been cast as “Principal Hastings” in Power Rangers Ninja Steel as announced via her Instagram Page! Follow Her Here: [Twitter] [Instagram] [IMDB]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 20 “End of Extinction” Review

While Dino Super Charge has ended on an emotional note it still left the echoing song of “Confusion Confusion Confusion” playing in my head. That’s right, I was left scratching my head at the end of the episode for more than one reason. While it seems that certain things were […]

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Exclusive Preview Clip of “Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest” Featuring Scott Zillner of PMC!

Scott Zillner of Power Morphicon is set to make an appearance on the second episode of “Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest” and we were lucky enough to land an exclusive clip from the episode! Scott, as you know is the man behind the bi-annual Power Morphicon Convention and his personal […]

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(BOOM! Comics) MMPR #8 Review

(Disclaimer: Please buy the comic before reading this review available at your local comic shop!) They can also be found by visiting or Preface This series has been….. interesting. It is an interesting concept to modernize the original season, giving the walking stereotypes more personality and more motivation and creating more action-packed […]

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Justice League/PowerRangers Issue #2 Cover Revealed!

(Source: PowerRangersNow) The second cover and synopsis for Issue #2 of the meeting between the Justice League and the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers has been released! Take a look above and read the synopsis below, Issue #2 will be released February 8th, 2017! Synopsis “Lost in another dimension, the Power […]

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