Final Images of Spring Ninja Steel Toys Revealed!

(Source: PowerRangersNow) Thanks to PowerRangersNow we have the Final Images of the Ninja Steel Spring line of toys! Morningstar & Drill Spike Set, Sickle & Dagger Set, Dragonclaw & Nightstick Set Training Gear Set Ninja Power Star Packs Totally Collectible Ninja Power Stars featuring Legendary Ranger Teams or the Ninja Steel […]

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(BOOM! Comics) MMPR Pink #4 Review

(Disclaimer: Please buy the comic before reading this review available at your local comic shop!) They can also be found by visiting or Preface We are now over the halfway point of this series and all I have to say now is “Remember. When you’re reading this, take all of the continuity […]

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Dino Super Charge Christmas Special Gets An Air-date!

(Thanks to Kyl416) of Funaroverse, the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Christmas Special “Here Comes Heximas” is set to air on December 10th, 2016! Here’s hoping we’re gonna see the monster below! I mean who else could be Heximas, right?

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Dino Super Charge Episode 19 “Edge of Extinction” Review

“The Edge of Extinction” is the beginning of the end and was a fantastic way to start! Action from beginning to end and had me on the edge of my seat the entire way! Megazord battles spread throughout the episode, a Wedding I have been dying to see, an end […]

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Mastodon Dinozord

Power Rangers Movie Zords Revealed

(MMPRToys) Bruno of MMPRToys recently released a video showing of the Power Rangers Interactive Movie Megazord. Included in the video was a peek at the all of the zords that will form this Megazord including never before seen photos of the Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger & Pterodactyl Dinozords. Zords

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