MMPR Cover Rita

BOOM! MMPR Comic Issue #2 Cover Variants!

Today we were treated to a few new cover variants for Issue #2 of the MMPR Comic from Boom Studios! Check them out below! Cover Variants The first cover variant for Issue #2 by Joe Quinones displays all six Power Rangers hanging out on the should of the Dino Megazord! […]

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Dual Pachy Zord Review – The Ranger Talk Reviews

Dual Pachy Zord Review Power Rangers Dino Charge is a season with few toys that became SUPER rare. The pachy zord was one of those rare toys. A slap in the face to many collectors was Bandai released a repaint of the pachy zord in purple. This purple zord was very easy […]

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Power Rangers Dino Charge “Unleashed” DVD Review!

Just as Power Rangers Dino Supercharge is about to premiere on Jan. 30th, the first volume of Dino Charge on DVD hits shelves! Prepare yourself for charged-up action, humor and heart with the first 4 episodes in the season: “Powers from the Past;” “Past, Present, and Fusion;” “A Fool’s Hour;” […]

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Plot Synopsis Revealed – Nick Confirmed Until 2018!

(Source) IGN gave us some new information about the upcoming Power Rangers Season in 2017! First, the name “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” that was found as a trademark submitted by Saban Brands has been confirmed as a official title for the 24th season of Power Rangers! We also learned that […]

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BOOM! Studios MMPR Issue #0 Review

(Disclaimer: May Contain Spoilers, Pictures are low quality on purpose! Please buy the comic!) I had an opportunity to get an early copy of the New MMPR Comics from BOOM! Studios thanks to Power Force; and I was luckily sent the Trini cover! Issue #0 will be available on January […]

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Saban Brands Trademarks “Ninja Steel”

(Source) Today it was found that Saban Brands has most likely finally trademarked the next season of Power Rangers, to come after Power Rangers Dino Super Charge! In 2017 “Power Rangers Ninja Steel”  is what is expected as just the term “Ninja Steel” has been trademarked; finally putting to rest that […]

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Exclusive Interview with Wild Force’s Ann Marie Crouch!

It’s been a long time in the making but we finally got a moment to sit down with Princess Shayla herself, Ann Marie Crouch! The Deer Zord and the “Song of Animaria” have always been an important part of our site and it is truly an honor to speak to […]

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Ankylo Zord Review – The RangerTalk Reviews

Ankylo Zord Review Power Rangers Dino Charge is a very zord heavy season. With 10 zords in total, not counting Spino, Bandai of America has had a field day reproducing these. The Ankylo Zord is the Aqua Ranger’s zord. Even though we have yet to see this ranger, the zord made […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 1-8 Summaries Released!

(Source) Thanks to the above sources we got the first 8 episode summaries for Power Rangers’ 23rd Season, Dino Super Charge! Check Out the Full Title and Descriptions Below! Episode 1 When Evil Stirs The Rangers believe their work is done after they’ve defeated Sledge and his evil monsters. Unbeknownst […]

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Mighty Engines Roar: Possible Legacy Turbo Toys!

While Bandai’s Legacy toyline will be thirty, flirty and thriving before it moves on from MMPR, it’s fun to imagine what kind of toys we might get for future Legacy lines! As I did in my previous article with Possible Legacy Zeo Toys, I’ll be giving some examples of what […]

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