Dino Super Charge Halloween Special “Trick or Trial” Review

“Trick or Trial” was of course a clip show and of course we were all expecting that, but what I’ve come to expect post-Samurai is that these clip shows continue to get better and better. Last year’s Halloween special was fantastic and this year’s didn’t fail to keep me entertained […]

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Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 15 Previews

Preview Clips The following clip comes from this Saturday’s episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge “Wings Of Danger”! Production Stills

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Thomas The Tank Engine To Release Power Ranger Themed Trains

(Source: ZeoRed93) Thanks to twitter user ZeoRed93, we know now that the people who make Thomas The Tank Engine toys will be making Power Rangers variant that will include the basic Power Rangers, allies & villains!!! Will You Be Picking Up These Power Rangers Theme Trained?

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Official Power Rangers Movie Site Gets Angel Grove Makeover!

The Official Website for the Power Rangers Movie received an interesting upgrade amidst all the comic-con and trailer madness today! The motif is inspired by Angel Grove High’s school website which features many interesting new tidbits about the characters including new bios on Jason, Kimberly and Trini in a Tumblr […]

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Power Rangers Movie First Teaser Trailer Finally Premieres!

The Power Rangers Movie Trailer is Finally Out! Early in the hours of Saturday morning the Power Rangers Teaser/Trailer Finally premiered on the  Power Rangers Movie Facebook page and quickly hit over half a million  views in 30 minutes before it was taken down! Now the Teaser/Trailer is Officially on […]

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