The Ranger Talk: Questions for Bandai at NYCC 2015

I am excited to announce that I will be attending New York Comic Con 2015 this year and will be visiting the Bandai of America booth. I hope to talk to Gregory Mitchell the Director of Marketing and Branding Management for Power Rangers. I have already received some great questions from […]

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Naomi Scott Cast As Pink Ranger!

Thanks To A BIG Announcement Today Via The Official New Movie Instagram, Naomi Scott Is Our New Pink Ranger!  [IMDB] [Instagram] [Twitter] What Do You Think Of The New MMPR Cast? SOUND OFF ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

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The GRID: Episode 73 “The Famed Duck Mouth”

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to us on ITUNES! Welcome to the Shit Show! Special Guest @TheVacuuminator Episode 73 of The GRID is here where we discuss such vital topics as Potential Casting of the MMPR Reboot, Dino Super Charge Art, New Monster Figures in Stores, Megazord Madness #VoteDeerZord, Legacy Blade […]

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Dino Drive Black

Dino Charge Episode 14 “True Black” Preview Clips

Below Are Clips From The Upcoming Episode Of Power Rangers Dino Charge True Black. Preview Clip #1

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Dino Charge “Sync or Swim” Episode 13 Review

A fairly straight forward and fun filler episode! This will most likely be a super short review as not a lot happened to talk about. I will say that I laughed a lot during this episode because there were so many tiny moments that were sprinkled in! From Kendall getting […]

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The Ranger Talk: Wave 4 Dino Chargers

The gimmick for Power Rangers Dino Charge, this year’s series of Power Rangers, is Dino Chargers. The rangers use these “Dino Chargers” to morph and unlock the powers of the 23 legendary dinosaurs. These “Dino Chargers” have also been produced as toys by “Bandai of America” in waves. Wave 4 of […]

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Megazord Madness Promo Vid – Begin Voting 10/5!

Check Out the New Promo Video for Megazord Madness, pick your Favorite Zords and Megazords beginning October 5th! www.megazordmadness.com

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800 Episodes Logo

Dino Charge Episode 13 “Sync Or Swim” Preview Clips

Below Are Clips For The Upcoming Episode Of Power Rangers Dino Charge Sync Or Swim. The 800th Episode Of Power Rangers Airs October 3rd On Nickelodeon. Make Sure To Use The Hastag #PowerRangers800 While Watching. Preview Clip #1

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Legacy Thunder Megazord Press Images!

(Source) Some awesome new press images of the Upcoming Legacy Thunder  Megazord have surfaced! Check Them Out Below and Tell us What You Think!

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MMPR Ninja Megazord Charger

NYCC Exclusive: MMPR Movie Chargers

(Thanks To TheRangerTalk For The Find) For NYCC, Bandai Will Be Selling Exclusive Dino Chargers That Feature MMPR Movie Artwork! Also A Legacy Power Morpher Re-Issue & White Ranger Tokyo Vinyl Will Be Showcased.

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