Power Rangers Dino Charge Ammonite Zord Review

Ammonite Zord Review On this season of Power Rangers you may have noticed there are some Dino Chargers that do not have a companion zord. In Japan these zords were called the “Guardian Zords”, which correspond to Dino Chargers 11 to 23, and each had their own special abilities. Bandai of Japan never created […]

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Breaking News! Power Rangers Movie Moved to March 2017

(Source) According to a new Article published today via it appears that Lionsgate has once again pushed back the release of the Power Rangers Reboot movie to March 24th, 2017 taking Ascendants previous release date. To me, a push back means they want more time to work on the movie, so […]

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The GRID Episode 77: “Free Heckyl”

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to us on ITUNES! Episode 77 of The GRID is here where we discuss such vital topics as the immensity of Dino Super Charge toys being found in the wild and in HQ Images, Snide, Dino Charge returning to Netflix, The Power Rangers Movie gets a […]

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Dino Charge Episode 20 “One More Energem” Review

A fabulous close to a fabulous season! I honestly could not have asked for a better ending to this half of Dino Charge, nor could I be more excited for the return of Dino Super Charge! This episode had everything you could possibly want! We got unmorphed Rangers in the […]

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First Images of Silver Ranger Morpher

(Thanks to RangerCrew for the images / info) The Silver Ranger’s Dino Charge Morpher images were found in the Toys R Us System and what it reveals is truly god awful. The orange tips and lack of paint truly make this toy look terrible. It almost takes away the magic […]

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New Scans Reveal Juuouger Mecha, Henshin Device & Weapons!

Many New Images were found today of the Upcoming Sentai, Juuouger’s Henshin Device, Mecha & Weapon Toys! Check Them Out Below!

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Boom! Comics Unveils Look of 6 MMPR Rangers!

(Source – Comics Alliance) Comics Alliance unveiled the civilian looks of Zack (wearing a black/gray hoodie with stylish adidas-like shoes), Tommy (in military style pocketed green jacket and jeans), Billy (looking smart in tie and blue cardigan), Kimberly (complete with white denim jacket and adorable pink dress with boots), Trini […]

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Power Rangers Movie To Get $75 Million Budget

(Thanks to @Nightmere10 for the find – Source) According to an article found today via Forbes it was revealed that the new Power Rangers Movie (2017) is set to have a $75 Million budget to wow us when it is released in Janury 2017!  The Article mentions some of Lionsgate’s […]

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Dino Charge Christmas Special “Race To Rescue Christmas” Review

As per usual with Dino Charge Holiday episodes, so far, I was not disappointed with this clip show. While clips were showcased throughout the entire episode, there was a clear reason as to why the clips were being shown and they weren’t too long. Usually during clip episodes the clips […]

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Dino Charge Episode 20 “One More Energem” Preview Clips

Below Are Clips From The Upcoming Finale Of Power Rangers Dino Charge “One More Energem”.

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