Parody Comics

Welcome to the Database for the quirky Legacy Comics Comics 1-10 A Paraody of the Power Ranger universe for the Power Rangers Fandom Based on the little characters above, click below for each issue!


“A Fetish for Green”
The Pink Rangers discuss the new Power Rangers series and the hot meat in store!

 “A Dino Misunderstanding”
The Mighty Morphin’  Rangers see a similarity with the Dino Thunder Rangers!

“A Banner Revenge”
Tommy’s incarnations take their revenge on Benta

 “Where’s the Love?”
The Mighty Morphin’ Rangers feel superior.

“Crash of the Red Rangers”
The Samurai Red Ranger and the Red RPM Ranger have a row.

“Twitter Blues”
Billy has some choice words about Kevin’s Twitter Feed!

“Lousy White Rangers”
Aurico has an issue with Tommy intruding on his event!

“The Real Housewives of the Power Rangers”
When 12 Female Rangers live together for a few moments, the real claws come out!

“The Legendary _______?”
The Power Rangers of the past and present line up to register to fight in the Legend War, but a few run into a a problem!

“Pretty Morphin’ in Pink”
The newest Pink Ranger is a little scared of her new fans and seeks out the advice of former Rangers. 

“First Red is First”
The other Female Rangers who achieved “First Status” congratulate Lauren on becoming the first Female Red Ranger but someone from the A-Squad has something to say about that!

“Transfixed on Yellow”
There have been many Yellow Rangers who’ve caught the eye of their team-mates, it seems everyone is transfixed on Yellow. Well, not everyone!

coollogo_com-10640264“Cool Dreams, Bro.”
RoboKnight becomes uncomfortable at Troy’s advances.

“HelmetGate 2013”
The Cameo Rangers notice something strange about Tommy’s helmet.

coollogo_com-97914818Toku Tryst”
A few Non-Power Ranger Characters go over board over their appearances in the Card Game!

The Dino Charge Rangers meet their Dino predecessors