Deer Ranger Adventures!



You thought the story of the Wild Force Rangers was through!
But as the original 6 Wild Force Rangers left the Animarium, a new threat arose!
They had once been friends, but now the Deer Zord and Giraffe Zord begun warring with each other!
To stave off the destruction of the Animarium, and eventually the world, Princess Shayla attempted to appease the feuding Zords by granting their Power Animal Crystals to two new Rangers.
However, the war raged on when the Giraffe Zord swayed Jeffrey, the holder of his Crystal, to the dark side.
Jeffrey and the Giraffe Zord, mad with the hunger of power, went in search of the power of Legendary Zords to steal!
Now not only a war between the Wild Zords has broken out, but a war between the new Rangers as well!
It’s up to Buck Hartley and his kid Sister, Evi to stop Jeffrey as he attempts to steal Zords from any Legendary Ranger he meets!

“Day of the Deer”
Princess Shayla is contacted by Adam, Zeo Ranger Green asking for the Deer Ranger’s help with protecting a Zeo Zord!
But, Jeffrey has other plans and kidnaps Evi!

comic2“Pterodactyl Stereos”
Jeffrey and the Evil Giraffe Zord set their sights on Prehistoric Zords and it’s up to two Female Rangers and the Deer Ranger to stop them!
Evi is given a special gift!