BOJ: Kabuto



Hello all! Continuing the Shinkenger toy reviews, up for review this week is Kabuto Origami! Kabuto is the first auxiliary mecha in the Shinkenger series. Kabuto is a Japanese Rhinoceros beetle who is first piloted by Shinken Red and later Shinken Green. Coming from Bandai of Japan (BOJ), the plastic is pretty high quality and he is a good solid toy. When it comes to show likeness, I don’t see anything missing. All paint details are painted on and there are no stickers to apply.
Kabuto comes with with the Kabuto Secret Disc. When placed into the toy, you can spin the disc to rotate the horns. Kabuto doesn’t come with any other additional features besides wheels on the bottom for rolling.
Kabuto breaks up into 3 separate pieces to form Kabuto Shinken-Oh.
The legs attach to Saru & Kame to form new armaments. Kabuto attaches fully onto the head of Shinken-Oh. The bottom horn opens up revealing the face of Shinken-Oh. For the final attack, Kabuto Shinken-Oh will spin it’s horn/helmet to blast a great burst of energy from the cannons.
So, all in all, not too much to tell this week. Kabuto is pretty basic when it comes to mecha. Kabuto is featured in other combinations, but we are saving that for a couple of weeks out. The next review will feature Kajiki origami. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything else you may want to know!